Poor Circulation Causes: Increase Blood Flow Naturally

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- Updated on September 13, 2020

Poor Circulation Causes: Increase Blood Flow Naturally 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD

Poor Circulation Causes: Increase Blood Flow Naturally

In this Youtube video interview, Dr. Artour Rakhimov explains causes of poor circulation and how to increase blood flow.

Reduced blood flow in the brain due to overbreathing Poor circulation is a common symptom present in people with chronic diseases. Most commonly, people experience poor circulation in legs and feet, and occasionally in hands. This is manifested in feeling cold hands and/or feet. However, when extremities have reduced blood perfusion, the same is true for all vital organs, including the brain, kidneys, liver, and heart. As a result of reduced blood flow (due to vasoconstriction), people can experience cold hands and feet, or angina pain, or headaches, or organ failure (for kidneys and liver, for example) or constipation and/or dozens of other symptoms. Here are answers and solutions how to increase reduced perfusion.

Constriction of arteries and arterioles can take place due to low blood sugar, medical drugs, and neurological causes. However, the most common cause of poor circulation is low CO2 in the arterial blood since CO2 is the most potent known vasodilator that causes vasodilation. As a result, people with poor circulation in their legs or feet (or other body parts) also have reduced body oxygen levels. In fact, they nearly always have less than 20 seconds for the DIY body oxygen test, while the medical norm is about 40 seconds. Hence, to increase blood flow they need to improve their body oxygenation.

Common symptoms of reduced blood flow

Well over 90% of modern people have abnormally low arterial CO2 24/7 (see the Homepage for the most important graphs and charts present on this site) due to chronic overbreathing. Let us see historical evidence related to a large increase in breathing.

Poor Circulation Causes: Increase Blood Flow Naturally

Over 50 clinical studies (also, see the Table on the Homepage of this site) testify that people with chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and many others) breathe even heavier (faster and deeper) than normal subjects. They have even worse blood flow to legs, feet and vital organs day and night. Now we know the causes of poor circulation and how to improve restricted blood flow.

Common symptoms of poor circulation include cold hands and feet, panic attacks, chest pain, chronic fatigue, sinusitis, coughing, migraine headaches, and many other symptoms related to hyperventilation (see this link for symptoms of poor circulation).

An ancient natural remedy improves poor blood flow

An additional cause of reduced blood flow is a lack of something that was common all the time for people living centuries ago. This is also important since the presence of this natural factor reduces blood viscosity and allows better circulation of blood to all body organs and tissues. This was confirmed in the clinical study “*THIS FACTOR OF* the Human Body Reduces Blood Viscosity-a Major Factor in Cardiovascular Disease” published in the Journal of Alternative and Complement Medicine in 2012. Find out this X factor that helps to improve perfusion of the body organs right below here as your bonus content.

The title of the study was “Earthing (Grounding) the Human Body Reduces Blood Viscosity-a Major Factor in Cardiovascular Disease“. Grounding to the Earth (also known as “Earthing”) means being electrically connected with the Earth since the electrical charge of the human body has effects of major electrical, chemical and other processes, while modern people, due to insulated shoes, floors, etc. are not connected with the Earth.


How to improve circulation

You can improve circulation in 1-2 minutes using a simple breathing exercise. It can be found, for example, here: How to warm up cold hands. In case you like video instructions for this technique, they can be found here: How to get rid of cramps.

The most natural solution is to slow down automatic (basal) breathing back to the medical norm. There are various methods available to achieve this goal. In relation to lifestyle changes, it is smart to learn more about the Buteyko breathing method (this site provides over 15 free Modules). As about breathing exercises, one can learn the Buteyko breathing exercises (you can find them on this site too), or apply more effective breathing exercises, such as the Frolov breathing device or the Amazing DIY Breathing Device. The above X factor is an additional factor which is important for people with inflammation and very poor health.

Exercise helps a lot to improve blood flow due to various effects related to adaptation of blood vessels, better blood flow, improved metabolism and other factors. However, you need to know that all exercise, in order to be safe and most effective, should be done with nose breathing only.

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