Shortness of Breath: Causes and Treatment

Brain oxygen levels for normal breathing and after hyperventilation Shortness of breath has a simple measurable cause. Each person with shortness of breath suffers from low body O2 content caused by overbreathing. Two additional factors (mouth breathing and chest breathing) worsen this sensation of air hunger or dyspnea.

Every person with shortness of breath suffers from fast and usually deep breathing (increased tidal volume) at rest. This causes reduced CO2 levels in airways and reduced brain and body oxygenation.

Here are some clinical studies that show the exact measurable cause of shortness of breath. Heavy breathing, as hundreds of clinical studies testify, is present in people with nearly any chronic disease.

Breathing rates in healthy, normal people vs diseases

Hyperventilation leads to tissue hypoxia (or low cell-O2 levels). This is also true for the brain, heart and all other vital organs, as independent research studies confirmed.

Dyspnea mechanism

Shortness of breath can appear only in people who have less than 20 seconds for the simple DIY body-oxygen test (see the link below). If a person gets over 30 s for body and brain oxygenation, his or her shortness of breath disappears. Here is a short video about shortness of breath:

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