Lifestyle Changes or Alternative Health Therapies Work, Only If They Increase Body Oxygenation

- Updated on September 28, 2019

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lifestyle for body oxygenOur lifestyle plays a vital role in determining our state of health. It can easily be stated that lifestyle changes can help in improving health only when they increase the body oxygenation level. Similarly, alternative therapies also work only when they help in increasing the body oxygenation. Less oxygen in the body leads to several chronic diseases. Therefore, the abnormal oxygen transport needs to be fixed in order to make sure that there is no heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, acne, cancer, chronic fatigue, diabetes, sexual issues or any illness in a person`s body.


It is also essential to know how to measure the oxygenation level of your body. In order to get accurate numbers, a person requires proper instrumentation and a laboratory. Therefore it is not done easily and by everyone. However, the easier and most accurate way to know the level of oxygen in a person`s body is by using the breath-holding time test. This test is so easy and effective that it gives a clear picture of the health status of a person. All you have to do is breathe normally and stop or hold your breath after exhalation. Once you hold your breath, start noting the time in seconds. The breath needs to be released as soon as any discomfort is felt or there is any kind of uneasiness. The breath is held by pinching the nose so that there could be no inhalation happening. The time for which a person is able to hold his or her breath is known as the breath-holding time. This test is also known as the control pause test. It was invented by doctor Buteyko who was a Russian doctor. If the test results are higher, it means that the person is in good health, similarly, if the test results are lower it indicates that the person is not in good health.

body oxygen test lifestyleSo, if you decide to make any change in your lifestyle or go for any kind of alternative therapy it is important that you make sure that the therapy (or the lifestyle change) increases the oxygenation level in your body. If it doesn’t increase the oxygenation level of your body it means that the lifestyle change or the alternative therapy is not useful and cannot bring any positive or healthy changes to your health. Doctor Buteyko and his team have been able to determine the link between oxygenation and the health of a person`s body years ago and they have presented a detailed guideline regarding the way a person should breathe in order to have good health. They have also explained the techniques which can be used to improve the health status of a person quite easily. Doctor Buteyko was able to hold his breath for up to five minutes by practicing the different techniques he created. By breathing in the right way the oxygenation level of the body can be increased quite easily which can lead towards the treatment and prevention of several chronic diseases.