Why Candida Albicans Comes Back (The Key Cause of Candida)

- Updated on October 14, 2020

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Why Candida Albicans Comes Back (The Key Cause of Candida) 1There are specific reasons behind the occurrence of Candida Albicans yeast infection. It has been observed that the infection only affects some people while others remain unaffected. There are in total three physiological dimensions that the human body`s digestive system depends on. These three are apart from the diet which is being consumed. The answer to what causes candida yeast or causes of candida is hidden in these three factors. The dimensions or parameters are:

  1. The overall strength of the immune system
  2. Blood supply of the digestive organs and the system as a whole.
  3. Oxygenation of the digestive organs.

Therefore, Candida Albicans will spread in the area where people are doing poorly in the above mentioned three physiological aspects. If the overall GI blood supply and the oxygenation are quite low then the disease will occur. When there is less or poor oxygenation and the perfusion production of the free radicals present in the body, combined with hypoxia, tissue pollution, anaerobic cellular metabolism, oxidative damage, and increased acidity than these are all symptoms that indicate the chances of Candida Albicans.

Due to the above-mentioned issues the body will react to get rid of the mentioned issues first and will, therefore, ignore the yeast present in the GI tract. So a person can have a proper good diet with no simple sugars involved, and take the best supplements yet suffer from Candida Albicans, as a result of the mentioned physiological causes. Also, the candida yeast infection will not stay away for long and will come back after a few hours. Therefore, the best treatment or cure for the infection is to resolve the oxygenation issues present in the body first. This can be done by using some guiding tools and conducting a few tests.

Measuring the blood supply and the overall body oxygenation is an important part of handling the infection and also staying away from it. First of all, the person needs to relax and do a stress-free CP (control pause) test. It is basically done when a person exhales, pinch their nose, and at the same time closes the mouth. This process should only be continued until a point where the person feels no discomfort. After a few moments, one needs to let go of the nose and breathe normally. This test, if done properly will give the same results for before breathing and after breathing, the results can only vary for people suffering from various heart diseases, panic attacks, or different kinds of headaches like the migraine. As the symptoms for these people will be negative such people are required to avoid the test.

candida virus causeNow it is vital to understand here, that what is the role of circulation influence on the above-mentioned test? The answer to this is quite simple if the overall blood which is being supplied to the tissues is cut off or reduced the oxygen being delivered will also decrease in amount. Therefore, body oxygenation will become poor. In short, it needs to be understood that only the people who are healthy or are in good health are able o hold their breath easily. Also, good blood circulation indicates good health. Therefore, the people who have normal breathing parameters which are 40-60 sec are comfortable in these tests. If by chance the test results of a person are the 30s or less then there are greater chances that the oxygenation or the GI circulation has been affected. In order to correct this issue, the person must change his or her breathing pattern and also make a few changes in his or her lifestyle in order to fix the oxygenation issue surfacing. This can also be done by using the doctor Buteyko techniques.

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On 2014-10-08T04:08:28, Luke wrote:
Sorry I didn’t make this all one comment. I also want to point out I get almost no exercise due to a desk job for 9 hours a day and a computer life afterward. It is very difficult to remain healthy and eat well with such a lifestyle, but this diet has very little waste or taxation on my body and it seems to be working. The beneficial effects I’m experiencing, therefore, aren’t related to lifestyle factors nothing has changed but my diet)

On 2014-10-08T04:04:39, Luke wrote:
I forgot to mention that I am talking about fresh orange juice from valencias I cut and squeeze myself with my hand on a manual citrus plastic juice thingy, and melons that I cut open with a knife and eat usually 65% of the melon) immediately rather than put it in the fridge, or put OJ in the fridge, there is none of that. No store-bought OJ. I also drink Evian water as the tastelessness is the only one that doesn’t make me want to vomit other waters suck)

On 2014-10-08T04:01:52, Luke wrote:
I have had digestive problems for years but am otherwise healthy, as well as an almost constant white tongue for years, and a very poor junk food diet for years.
I previously tried to “eat better” while taking anti-candida diets into consideration and found it impossible to sustain myself on them (cravings, unhappiness, too much effort finding gluten-free simple sugar-free easily digestible foods), etc..

I would like to contribute my experience of what worked for me:
Everyone has candida and it’s normally a healthy component in various organs of the body. When it expands too much, I believe this is a sign of simply eating too much or incorrect foods. I, therefore, started to diet on only orange juice, melons (watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe), and plainly cooked meat (ham, turkey). All 3 are eaten separately. All 3 are eaten alone with no additives. What I found is that as long as I don’t drink a lot of OJ or eat too many melons in one sitting, the tongue clears slowly (less thick, sometimes clear) and my conditions elsewhere (digestion, energy levels) improve dramatically each day. I also experience no uncontrollable cravings for junk food on this diet whatsoever. That is a huge benefit for me that has made this diet possible where no other diet was sustainable.

On 2014-05-18T10:41:25, Artour (mod) wrote:
If there are no negative reactions, it is ok and can be good.

On 2014-05-17T21:18:56, Anonymous wrote:
What is your opinion on drinking kefir for someone that has Candida?

On 2014-05-17T20:09:13, Artour (mod) wrote:
Great to hear, check out http://www.normalbreathing.com/body-cleanse.php

On 2014-05-17T20:03:16, Anonymous wrote:
You were right, today is the 3rd day since it first appeared and is almost gone I am currently following an anti-Candida diet). I also had old bile vomit today 2 times), so I am more confident that I am experiencing some kind of cleansing. Thanks for your quick response, this site has saved my life. Keep up the good work!

On 2014-05-17T08:54:40, Artour (mod) wrote:
it may rather relate to cleansing, or to something else. If you follow the anti-Candida diet, it should disappear fast, or in 2-3 days max. Higher CPs may cause it, but only for short time.

On 2014-05-17T04:24:15, Anonymous wrote:
My CP increased recently, after a lot of work with the amazing breathing device, combined with walking. It went from around 15 to 20-22 in a week. But yesterday I started having this weird sensation on my tongue and throat, it feels like “burning” and I notice white coating more than usual. My first thought was oral candidiasis, but I never had this problem before (never checked for intestinal candida either). Could the higher CP somehow cause that? Like a die-off symptom of Candida, I may have in the gut?

On 2014-05-16T18:26:57, Artour (mod) wrote:
One needs the same less than 20 s CP to get oral candidiasis. So, the answer is about the same.

On 2014-05-16T18:03:27, Anonymous wrote:
Do the same ideas apply for oral candidiasis? Could someone fight it with breathing exercises?