Cancer Therapies Work If They Increase Body O2 Naturally

Cancer therapies must target the key cause of cancer: low body O2. As a result, successful natural complementary therapies for cancer must be based on (gradual) removal of this cause and restoration of normal oxygen levels in body cells. Why do sick people (with cancer) have low body oxygenation?

Cancer patients breathe much faster than the medical norm

Furthermore, numerous other studies also suggest that terminal cancer patients have very fast (and usually deep breathing). This was also found in clinical trial organized by Buteyko breathing doctors in Ukraine (see the link in references). This study applied a cancer therapy that reduced mortality due to metastatic cancer by nearly 6 times. This study also found very heavy breathing in people with metastatic cancer and very low body CO2. Other studies measured respiratory rates in people with cancer and also found abnormal parameters.

Low cell oxygenation has a simple cause: chronic overbreathing. It causes either destruction of the lung tissue (with ventilation perfusion mismatch) or arterial hypocapnia (low CO2 levels in the arterial blood). In both cases, hyperventilation leads to tissue hypoxia. The situation with cancer is the same: with approaching death (stages 3 and 4 of cancer), the terminally sick people breathe even deeper and faster, body O2 lower, and cell acidity higher. What are the most logical cancer therapies?

Cancer therapies that increase body O2

Of course, we need to restore normal breathing parameters (minute ventilation, blood carbon dioxide content, body oxygen level, the CP, etc.) back to the medical norms in order to cure cancer. Normalization of breathing can take many weeks, months or even years depending on age, obesity, health state, and some other factors.

The most advanced cancer therapies is based on the ideas of the Buteyko breathing technique. The goal of the Buteyko method is to achieve Buteyko's standard of ideal health manifested in 60 s for the body-oxygen test at any time of the day or night. Such breath holding time ensures thorough oxygenation of all tissues and inability of appearance of any tumor. If there are any tumors present, normal body oxygenation will efficiently eliminate all existing tumors. (Note that when malignant cells start to spread and grow in distant tissues, the patients are generally not able to improve their breathing parameters up to 20 s CP. Breathing retraining can only make their last days of life more peaceful.)

Many ideas, techniques and principles of the Buteyko method can be found in "Learn here" Section of this website. However, breathing exercises with the Frolov breathing device and the Amazing DIY breathing device are more effective than Buteyko breathing exercises. Devices lead to faster grow in body-O2 test after breathing sessions.

Therefore, the most advanced cancer therapies are:
- the Buteyko method
- the Frolov device
- the Amazing DIY breathing device.

Specific targets for cancer therapies

Nearly all common cancer therapies used by doctors and alternative medicine people do not have any criteria of progress. This is the reason why people can apply cancer diets, alkalization with foods and baking soda, and many other methods, but if their breathing pattern remains the same, they will suffer from the same low body-O2 content and the same dynamic of cancer.

An important practical observation of breathing teachers is that restoration of tissues, including elimination of inflammation, malignant and benign tumors, various types of fibroblasts, plaque, cysts, papillomas or polyps, adenomas, lymphomas, keratoacanthomas, and granulomas need at least 30-35 s for the body O2 test (CP test) at all times. The duration of restoration depends on many factors related to the current homeostasis and input parameters of the biological system that is monitored through changes in respiratory characteristics, especially the CP (Control Pause). According to observations of Russian doctors, the Buteyko method can naturally reverse earlier stages of cancer (stages 1 and 2), while there is definite improvement in the quality of life for patients who have cancer in stages 3 and 4.

Specifically, natural cancer treatment also requires appropriate nutritional support, including use of enzymes, raw diet, sprouting, etc. However, it should be noted, that none of these auxiliary factors (or special diet or supplements) or even all of them are not going to work, unless the fundamental cause of cancer (hypoxia) is addressed. The person may adhere to the best diet and eat kilograms of super foods but if, for example, the morning CP (body-O2 content) is about 15 seconds or less general progress is unlikely. Indeed, the cancer patient may have up to 20-25 s CP during the day but only 15 s or less in the morning due to the morning hyperventilation effect between 4 and 7 am. The positive effects of light easy breathing and good oxygenation during the day, when the tumor is shrinking is size, will be counteracted by growth of the tumor during 3 hours of morning hyperventilation.

Hence, it is crucial to increase the morning CP above 20 s in order to prevent growth of tumors. The natural personal program in relation to morning hyperventilation depends on dealing with such factors as breathing through the mouth at night, sleeping on the back, overheating, poor air quality, and so forth.

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