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NormalBreathing Team Members (Staff or Employers and Employees)

- Last updated on October 10, 2018

Artour Rakhimov, Ph.D., author, writer, health aducator and creator of

Photo of Dr. Artour Rakhimov from the NormalBreathing TeamDr. Artour Rakhimov is Canadian based near Toronto, Canada. He started in 2004 with only several web pages. You can see the old design and only 4 pages in total in this snapshot from Internet Archive: in 2004. Since then, gradually over 500 web pages were created, over 10 books can be found on

For more details about him, visit the page: About Dr. Artour Rakhimov

Mark Callan, video creator and editor

Photo of Mark Callan from the NormalBreathing Team Mark Callan:
- Ba Hons Communication Arts
- University College London
- Sheffield College of Art.

Mark is a British citizen who have been living in Cork, Ireland for many years. He provided huge support for creation of numerous videos. For example, Mark was the video man for all 17 first videos from Dr. Artour's YuoTube Channel recorded in Cork in 2008 (you may remember those old videos in which Dr. Artour had a moustache). One can easily find these videos in the main educational playlist on YouTube: Buteyko Breathing. Mark's other roles included promotion of the Buteyko method and breathing retraining in general population, help with Dr. Artour's Lectures, as well as editing and proofreading work.

Manuel Ruiz, translator and editor

Photo of Manuel Ruiz (Dominican Republic) from the NormalBreathing Team Manuel graduated from APEC University in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic with a Bachelor in Computer Science. He works freelancing as a Web Developer and Translator.

Manuel has contributed to mainly as a translator of the website into Spanish. In fact, most of the pages of were done by Manuel. He also made a lot of technical work on the German translation (with WordPress, side menus, WP plugins, interlinking between sites, etc.). He also provided similar technical support for the 2018 launch of the Italian translation of Manuel is also a consultant of SEO and Web development.

New breathing students with terminal conditions (end-stage disease) are accepted on with Dr. Artour's Triple Guarantee.

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