Stop Itching Skin in 2-3 min (Breathing Exercise)

- Updated on September 28, 2019

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how to stop skin itching with breathing Ever imagined that breathing can help in stopping itching? Well, it is a fact that breathing can help to make the itching feeling go away. The question which many of you would be having is how to stop skin itching with breathing or what breath exercise can be effective for itchy skin? Well, the answer is that there is a very deep connection between skin itching and the breathing of a person. By breathing normally and effectively, a person can stop itching and make the need for itching go away within two to three minutes. This technique has been used by more than 200 Russian doctors and has helped thousands of people living in Russian get rid of itching. It also helps in removing the rashes which people develop on different spots on their bodies.

The first step is to sit down on a relaxing chair and make sure that the spine is straight or lie on the left side. It is important to make sure that all the body muscles are relaxed. After this, it is vital to focus on your breathing, which needs to be done by the nasal passage and not the mouth. The next step requires the person to start making the normal inhalations smaller by 20 percent and even smaller after a while. It is important to reduce the hunger for air or breathing slowly. The aim is to have a milk air hunger only for a few minutes. If this practice is carried out for a few minutes it will help in making sure that the desire or the need to itch go away. This is the same technique which is used to cure insomnia and get a night of better sleep.

This exercise helps in reducing itching as the breathing pattern has a deep connection with the health of the skin. Our skin has cells which need a proper amount of oxygen and blood supply at all times. If this amount is disturbed and lowered there can be negative effects on the body such as itching.

breath exercise for itchy skin In order to check the level of oxygenation in your body, you can take the Buteyko breath-holding time test. The test requires you to hold your breath after exhalation by pinching your nose. The nose needs to be pinched until a point of discomfort arises. The time needs to be noted. If you are able to hold your breath for more than 40 sec means you are in good health and that the level of oxygen in your body is fine. If you are able to hold your breath for 60 sec or more you have ideal health. However, if the breath-holding time is less than 40 sec, the state of your health is not good. If the breath-holding time is anywhere between 1 to 10 sec it indicates that you are critically ill and need heavy medication. If the breath-holding time is between 10 to 20 sec it means that you are sick and a breath-holding time from 20 to 40 sec indicates that you are in poor health.

Therefore, it can be concluded that by using the simple breathing techniques a person can make the itching go away.