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Startup Jobs for Assistants, Writers, and Editors: Extra Details

The main requirements for assistants are listed on this page Startup Jobs for NormalBreathing Assistants. Here are some extra details.

People working on,,, and can:
- write a 700-word article in 30 min
- produce a new 700-word HTML or WordPress page with onpage SEO and images/videos added in 60 min
- edit a 10-min video with images and titles added in 40-60 min
- proofread a 700 word article in 30 min, and so forth.

Valued (not all necessary - can be learned) skills:
- Active involvement in sports and daily exercise
- Typing, editing, proofreading
- Creative writing of articles, reports, and books
- Use of Microsoft Office or Open Office
- Video creation and editing
- Creation of educational CDs, DVDs, and other digital products
- File conversions
- Design of simple images
- Creation of websites and web pages in WordPress and/or HTML/PHP
- Registration and hosting of domain names and websites
- Submission of videos, articles, files, and books to websites, blogs, aggregates, and platforms (YouTube, Amazon, CreateSpace, etc.)
- Social media promotions
- Online comments
- Backlink building and on-page and off-page SEO.

Common lifestyle changes include these activities: breathe only through the nose, do not sleep on the back, eat only when hungry, maintain correct posture, etc..

During internship, you will follow our standard group course with 2 individual sessions (nearly one month in duration with about 15 hours of classes in total) and then advanced course (about 8-10 hours) that have been taught to hundreds of students since 2002. All assistants will have our individual attention and will get these lessons while learning in small groups.

Training will take place only if there are 2 or more suitable candidates (assistants and teacher trainees). There will be no office yet for work, classes, and training. Similar training can be organized later in large cities. Details and locations of all trainings are to be discussed with shortlisted candidates.

Your current work and housing
Some candidates may already have simple jobs (being a servant, dish-washer, baby sitter, etc.). Having 2-month training may result in a loss of their current employment. In this case, you may try to approach your current supervisor (boss) with a request to provide you with a break to try this unique oportunity to improve your health (if you have symptoms, it is nearly certain that we can solve them) and learn new skills while get paid during training. If it is clear for your supervisor that you are overqualified for your current employment, it is likely that hes/she can grant you a temporary break while keeping your position in case you want to resume it later.

You may apply similar ideas to housing, or sublease it, or ask the landlord about possible options.

Q and A about internship
Q: Is there an opportunity to work from home rather than relocate immediately?
A: After internship, when we have better knowledge of each other and worked for 4-6 months together, it can be possible. We can communicate via emails for projects related to creation of new web pages, books and other products.

Q: What does 'training' refer to? Learning the Buteyko Method or more than this?
A: 1. Getting 60+ s morning CP with lifestyle changes is a great challenge.
2. Learning simple skills related to online work, SEO, video creation, etc. depending on the area of your work.

Q: Is the role for strictly 15-20 hours of work per week during internship and we need to complete the breathing/physical exercise requirements outside of this in our own time?
A: Our group classes include at least 2 breathing sessions for any class with a break for physical exercise. To get required daily time for breathwork and exercise would need practicing during your extra time.

Q: Where/what location would the successful applicant work from if not an office?
A: Training locations will depend on locations of candidates and my travelling schedule. Working from an apartment, hotel, or airbnb place is an option during internship. After training, work will be done online (via Skype) or in one of those cities which I frequently visit. Having an office is also in plans.

Q: Will internet access be available during training?
A: Yes, of course.

Q: Will be the opportunity to pursue other projects, such as working online or writing something, during my free time during internship?
A: During internship, an assistant may be able to work for 2 extra hours daily. While having 3 hours of extra work in a day, it could be difficult to have all things done and have enough recovery/rest time. Having 4 hours of extra work per day will make it very hard (unless you are already happy with 6 hours or less for your sleep). It would be an ideal situation for us if no extra work is done at all during internship. Note that you may also need some time for shopping, cooking, laundry, etc.

Q: Can you pay for transatlantic flights?
A: If there is a rare chance when the transatlantic ticket is below 300 USD (I have seen such tickets online), it might be possible in one direction for some assistants since we'll then also pay internal tickets within the USA or Europe. Contact us for details. Tickets will surely be paid within the EU and USA for assistants who are invited to join training.

New breathing students with terminal conditions (end-stage disease) are accepted on with Dr. Artour's Triple Guarantee.

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