Epilepsy Seizure Treatment (Over 90% Cure Rate)

- Updated on August 2, 2019

Epilepsy Seizure Treatment (Over 90% Cure Rate) 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

Treatment of seizures will be successful if it addresses 3 fundamental problems leading to seizures: deficiency of O2, CO2 and free electrons in the brain.

Doctors argument Note that currently there is no agreement among various countries and medical officials in relation to classification and division of seizures. Moreover, there are many similar physiological states, including febrile seizures, pseudoseizures, eclampsia tremors, etc. that can occur in people, who have never been diagnosed and will never be diagnosed, with epilepsy. Alcohol withdrawal seizure treatment is another area that is confusing for doctors across the world.

Here is a video from two breathing practitioners (Dr. Artour Rakhimov and Volker Schmitz) about their great success with their breathing students who treated their epilepsy and seizures with breathing retraining.

Brain oxygenation for normal breathing and after hyperventilation Many types of medication, anesthesia, shock, traumas, alcohol withdrawal and electrical grounding (or potential) of the human body can drastically distort this general clinical picture due to adverse effects on excitability, oxygen transport, cerebral CO2 level and normal work of nerve cells. However, due to the same cause, all types of seizures can be addressed with the same program for the treatment of epilepsy seizures.

Over 180 Russian medical doctors have discovered and used a highly successful natural treatment of seizures based on the Buteyko breathing technique. It works well even during alcohol withdrawal.

Brain with symbolic waves These doctors tested hundreds of epileptics and found that their breathing parameters predict their clinical picture. Practically, this means that a person can measure their body-oxygen levels and use the Buteyko Table of Health Zones to predict both the symptoms and severity of seizures for adults and children alike. This is the foundation for this effective treatment option for seizures.

Breathing and natural treatment of seizures

Here is a Table that reflects the clinical picture. This Table also outlines the purpose of breathing retraining and the direction of seizures treatment.

Body-oxygen level Symptoms of chronic hyperventilation in those adults and children who are genetically predisposed to seizures
1-5 s CP Life-threatening type seizures (including status epilepticus, complex partial seizures, absence seizures or Petit mal, tonic seizures, clonic seizures, myoclonic seizures, atonic seizures, and tonic-clonic seizures or Grand mal) can occur at any moment of time due to severe degree of overbreathing.
5-10 s CP Simple partial seizures and complex partial seizures and absence seizures; more severe types of seizure can be triggered by any slight provocation that further intensifies breathing and reduces body oxygenation and the CP down to about 5 s or less
11-20 s CP Myoclonic seizures, atonic seizures, and simple partial seizures or focal seizures; a more severe type of a seizure can be triggered by strong enough stress or lifestyle factors that further intensify breathing so that the CP drops to around 5 s; if the existing light or focal seizure involves the nerve cells that control the respiratory muscles or the cells of the breathing center, the seizure will always progress to more severe types, especially with the transition to mouth breathing and/or chest breathing.
20-30 s CP Seizures become more rare and shorter in duration, but still can be provoked by strong factors such as abnormal blood glucose levels, emotional stress, and others
30-40 s CP Seizures are virtually impossible provided that the patient does not reduce their CP below 30 s
Over 40 s CP Seizures are impossible

Brain with seizures model In order to stop or treat approaching seizures naturally (at the onset of first signs of seizures), the adults should apply either grounding of the human body (Earthing) or the Buteyko Emergency Procedure (or the Buteyko reduced breathing exercise) that increases brain CO2 and O2 levels and helps to prevent most seizures that take place during day-time (see How to Stop Seizures Naturally).

For prevention of sleep seizures, visit How to Prevent Sleep Seizures: Lifestyle Changes. Children can be easily grounded and they also can learn how to slow down their breathing using special exercises or breathing devices.

CO2 model In relation to clinical remission or cure of epilepsy, having more than 20 s CP 24/7 is the first step in the natural prevention and treatment of seizures and epilepsy using breathing retraining techniques. Achievement of normal breathing parameters (40 s CP) and CO2/O2 levels in the brain is the main goal of this therapy. My experience suggests that over 30 s for the morning CP is sufficient to prevent any seizures.

Grounding the human body to the Earth (also called Earthing) is an additional parameter that greatly reduces chances of seizures and helps for people who want to have alcohol withdrawal seizure treatment.

The suggested natural treatment of seizures in adults and children is based on solid medical evidence, related to effects of hyperventilation, reduced brain-oxygen level, arterial hypocapnia (for reviews of medical studies see web pages Seizure Threshold Controlled by Breathing Pattern and Blood Gases; and Cause of Seizures: Abnormal Breathing), as well as the electrical potential of the human body.

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