Progress of Chronic Diseases is Reflected in Stress-Free Breath Holding Time and Body Oxygenation

- Updated on September 28, 2019

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disease stage breath holding time result test

At times we all want to know what the progress of our health is or how much we have recovered from a chronic disease. Similarly, we all show a lot of interest in knowing if a chronic disease has gotten any worse and what the state of our health  is at a certain point in time. This all can be known and easily determined with great accuracy by using the breath-holding time test. The results of this test indicate a lot about a person`s health. The stress-free breath holding time reveals everything about the progress of a chronic disease inside a person`s body.

As hypoxia is the main element in chronic diseases, this test aids in detecting the level of hypoxia in the body. Hypoxia is basically due to the bad or ineffective breathing pattern of the people. Hypoxia or the low level of oxygen in a person`s body leads to several chronic diseases such as asthma, chronic fatigue, heart diseases, bronchitis, diabetes, HIV, cancer, infertility, acne, and other diseases. Therefore, it can be said that all chronic pain and diseases are caused due to the lack of oxygen at the cellular level of the human body. Hence, whenever there is any abnormal oxygen transport happening inside the human body there is a chronic disease that emerges.

disease stage breath holding time result

The accurate level of oxygen in the body can only be measured by the use of a special instrument and other tools in a controlled condition inside a laboratory. The breath-holding time test is an easier and more suitable testing option that people have. By using this test technique, the overall state of a person`s health can be determined within no time. The test is quite simple to understand. All a person needs to do is hold his or her breath after normal exhalation and start noting the time in seconds. This breath-holding is done by pinching the nose. The breath needs to be released as soon as a point of discomfort is reached. It is advised that the breath should not be held beyond the point of discomfort as it can cause issues. The time of holding the breath reveals important health statistics. If the breath-holding time is towards the lesser or lower side, the person is in critical or poor health condition whereas, if the time is towards the higher side, the health of the person is said to be good.

A low breath-holding time gives an indication that the body is in a state where diseases are present. The lower the score, the more or greater the diseases are present. Ideal health indicates 60 sec or higher breath holding time while a breath-holding time of 1 to 10 indicates very bad health or severe illness. Therefore, it can be concluded that the disease stage can be measured by the breath-holding time test and the results are quite easy tested. Also, it needs to be noted that it is important to breathe properly and keep the tips that were given by doctor Buteyko in mind.