The best breathing exercise to prevent insomnia*

- Updated on August 28, 2019

prevent insomnia Insomnia is an issue from which many people suffer from. Many people want to know how to prevent insomnia or how to reduce insomnia. The best part is that insomnia can be reduced and even prevented by the help of simple exercises. Yes! Exercises can easily help in getting a person rid of the insomnia issues. These exercises are all related to breathing and can be called as the breathing exercise for insomnia. These exercises were developed by Russian doctors and were taught to different people over the years. The basic steps to prevent and reduce insomnia are that a person should go to sleep when he or she is really very sleepy. Secondly, the person must breathe through his or her nose only while sleeping and also before going to sleep. Breathing through the mouth will make things worse and will not help in any way to cure insomnia the person has developed. Thirdly, it is required that the person does not sleep on his or her back. It is important that sleeping on the back position should be avoided at all times so that there is no issue in breathing or taking in the required amount of oxygen.

reduce insomnia Further, it is required that a person relaxes all his or her body muscles while lying in bed. The person should sleep either on the left side or on the tummy. The focus should be on breathing for a single minute. After this, the person should start the usual or the normal inhalation and then slowly reduce the inhalation to about 5 to 10 percent less than usual. At the same time, he or she is required to relax the upper cheat and all the other breathing muscles as well. Slowly the inhalations need to be reduced and the hunger for air should be reduced to a greater extent. The breathing can be quite frequent during this time however, the inhalation needs to be shortened. By doing so the feet and the arms will start getting warm in around 2 to 3 minutes and the nasal passages will start to become moist. And the nose will start getting colder as well. All these things collectively will help in curing insomnia and the person will be able to go to sleep quite easily. Further, the breath holding test can also be taken frequently and the techniques to increase the breath holding time can be adapted to make sure that the results are even more effective and evident in removing insomnia. However, this test should be avoided by people who suffer from other chronic diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes.

It can be concluded that the breathing patterns can have a deep impact on a person`s sleep and therefore, a disease like insomnia can easily be controlled, prevented and cured by the help of few breathing exercises. If a person is able to hold the breath until at least 40 sec he or she will not have any sleeping problems and will be insomnia free.