Stress-Free Version of the Breath Holding Time Test is the Best Predictor of Body Oxygenation

- Updated on August 3, 2021

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breath holding time body oxygen It is so easy to determine the state of a person`s health by using the breath-holding time test. The breath-holding time body oxygen test reveals many details about the internal status of the body. The breath-holding test can easily be explained and understood. It can be conducted whenever a person wants and it provides the most accurate health results. As the accurate level of oxygen present in a person`s body can only be measured by using special tools and techniques in a special laboratory, it is impossible to know the exact level of oxygen present in a person`s body by sitting at home. However, the techniques created and explained by doctor Buteyko has made lives quite easier. The breath-holding test which he created gives a clear picture of the level of oxygen in the body even without using any kind of special instruments or laboratories.

The breath-holding test is so easy that anyone can do it. All you have to do is inhale and exhale the way you normally do. Continue it for some time and then hold your breath after you exhale. The time needs to be monitored and noted down in seconds. The person is asked to stop holding his or her breath and inhale the moment he or she feels that it is becoming difficult to hold the breath. After this point, the person is asked to breathe normally. The time for which he or she held his breath is the breath-holding time. The breath-holding time explains how good or how bad the level of oxygen in a person`s body is. It also needs to be understood that this test needs to be done in a stress-free situation. If a person has stress during the exercise, there are great chances that he or she won’t be able to hold the breath for as long as he or she normally would. Therefore, the environment and the state of mind of the person needs to be totally stress-free and relaxing. The test should not start until the person is stress-free and relaxed.

breath holding test body oxygen

Doctor Buteyko has also given various tips and directions to increase the overall breath holding time in order to increase the oxygenation in the body. If these techniques are followed it is quite possible for any person to achieve a 60-sec or more breath holding time. More than 200 Russian doctors have been practicing the Buteyko techniques for the past forty years, and have been able to reach a very high level of breath holding time. They were also able to teach and train others. They have successfully treated 200,000 people. It can be concluded that doctor Buteyko techniques are the only natural techniques that can directly affect and increase the oxygenation of the human body. Once the oxygenation of the body reaches a good level, many of the problems related to a person`s health can easily be sorted or removed.