Body Oxygenation Is Low For All Chronic Diseases

- Updated on September 28, 2019

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low oxygen in chronic diseaseAny person who is suffering from any kind of chronic disease has low oxygen in their bodies. therefore, it can easily be stated that there are a deep connection and relationship between the level of oxygen in a person`s body and the state of his or her health. The higher the oxygen level is in the body, the better the health is said to be. Similarly, if there is a lesser amount of oxygen in a person`s body the health of the person is said to be poor. Therefore, the first and the foremost test which needs to be conducted in order to determine whether a person has any chronic disease or not is to check the person through the breath-holding time test.

The breath-holding time test is very easy to conduct. It is also very accurate as it does not give any wrong results and does not mislead. The test is taken in such a way that a person is required to breathe in the normal way and after exhalation, he or she is required to hold their breath. The time is noted from this point onwards to the point of discomfort. The person is asked not to hold their breath for a longer duration of time after the point of discomfort arises. The time is measured in seconds. The longer time a person is able to hold his or her breath indicates that he or she has good health. However, if the time of holding the breath is found to be very short the health of the person is said to be poor.


If the test results are low or in other words, if a person is not able to hold his or her breath for a longer duration of time it indicates that there is something wrong with him or her. If the time of the test result is between 1 to 10 sec, it can surely be said that the person is suffering from some kind of chronic disease. These people are said to be suffering from severe kinds of illness and are considered in the state of hospitalization and are on heavy medication. People who have a breath-holding time between 10 to 20 sec are considered to be sick and the ones who have a BTH between 20 to 40 sec are considered to be in poor health. These people are not on medication but their health is not good and they can tend to be sick quite easily and require more oxygenation in their bodies. Normally, people who are considered to have good health have a breath-holding time between 40 to 60 sec and if a person has a breath-holding time ranging from 60 seconds and above, he or she is considered to have ideal health. The breath-holding time can easily be increased by using and practicing the techniques which have been mentioned and explained by doctor Buteyko.