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1-C. Your interactions with surrounding people - What to tell to your closest relatives

Avatar of Dr Artour Rakhimov, Buteyko Breathing Practitioner and Master TrainerBy Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author
- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD
- Last updated on August 9, 2018
Learning the Buteyko method by modules

When others are curious about your activities related to the Buteyko method, you must speak only about the importance of OXYGEN. Any breathing retraining technique, if it is valuable, must lead to a gradual increase in body oxygenation. This is what breathing is for and the reason why we do the CP test.

If you start to speak about CO2 effects, dangers of hyperventilation, some Buteyko method and goodness of breathing less, most listeners immediately assume that the Buteyko method means less oxygen for the body (If you breathe less, you get less oxygen!). The whole world tries to get more oxygen in tissues to improve cancer, heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue and many other conditions. There are now oxygenated drinks and snacks, oxygen tanks, and even hyperbaric oxygen chambers. (All of them, in the long run, are useless since the sufferers are chest-breathers and pure O2 does more harm than good, but can save lives in extreme cases.)

Hence, your relatives, after hearing about CO2 and breathing less, often lose their interest and any further conversations will not produce positive results and may even further increase the gap of misunderstanding. Promotion of the Buteyko method must be started with and based on a simple scientific and practical fact: the Buteyko method improves body oxygenation.

Here is a video from YouTube that describes how this innovation "Oxygen for breathing retraining" was suggested by Dr. Artour Rakhimov on the BPSN (Buteyko Practitioner Support Network) Forum in 2008 and became applied online and in books.

To see his full message from 2008 that started this innovation, visit www.Buteyko.Space: the Buteyko method and improved body oxygen.

Hence, if you are to explain to others anything about the Buteyko method or your breathing exercises, tell them that you want to improve body oxygenation through better breathing day and night. You want to have such a breathing pattern so that day and night, 24/7 you have great body oxygen level. Moreover, ask them a simple question: How should we breathe for maximum body oxygenation? Be tactful and respectful. Let your relatives and friends express their views. This is what you have in common with them and other people: how to have more oxygen in cells of the brain, heart, and other muscles, tissues, and organs.

If they suggest an idea of deep or big breathing for better oxygenation, discuss the effects of voluntary hyperventilation. Why do we faint or pass out after about 1-2 minutes of heavy breathing? (As you see here, your theoretical understanding and ability to convey your knowledge will play a role here even though you may yet do not practice any breathing exercises!)

Finally, you may suggest them to watch only 2 video clips (Parts 01 and 02) from YouTube or Google Video. These clips, about 15 minutes long, are about oxygenation, stress-free BHT test, and breathing patterns. (The links are on the Home page of this website.)

If your relatives and friends do not express interest and enthusiasm (e.g., after your past CO2-based explanation), but you are still passionate about their involvement, try the following. Ask them about the optimum breathing pattern for maximum body oxygenation and tell them about a genuine source of educational information: developed by a Russian-born Moscow University Ph.D. and Honors graduate who translated Russian medical studies and tested amazing effects of breathing retraining on 100s of his students.

B. What to tell to your friends and other people

There is no absolute need to immediately involve your friends and other surrounding people in learning the method. Simply, tell them that you are working on better body oxygenation. Only if they get really curious, you can go into further details. Some weeks or months later, your vital health will be the best advocate to convince them of the importance of oxygenation and breathing. Dr. Buteyko and other Russian MDs found that if a person has less than 60 s CP, they are poor promoters of the real Buteyko method.

Spanish version of this page: Aprendiendo Buteyko: interacciones con la gente alrededor.

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