Buteyko Breathing Method: The Only Self-Oxygenation Natural Holistic Medical Therapy

- Updated on September 28, 2019

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Buteyko effectsThe techniques which were developed by doctor Buteyko and the Buteyko method test can be termed as the easiest and accurate health test there is. The Buteyko method test is quite easy to conduct and to understand. Also, the Buteyko method test results have been accurate at all times. Many doctors have used these techniques and test methods to assess the health level of their patients and they have always come up with the most accurate results.

It has been medically proven that the people who have low levels of oxygen in their bodies are the people who suffer from various diseases such as asthma, heart issues, chronic fatigue, cancer, acne, sexual issues, bronchitis, diabetes, and other issues. Also, all the people who suffer from all these diseases have tissue hypoxia. These facts were also determined and mentioned by doctor Buteyko.

The Buteyko health test is very easy, it is commonly known as the BHT which means the breath-holding time test. This test can be conducted at any time. The test follows a few very easy and basic steps. The first step is to breathe normally, and after exhaling the air out hold your breath. The breath is supposed to be held only till a time when a state of discomfort or uneasiness starts. The time till this point needs to be noted in terms of seconds. It is also very important to remember that the breath should not be held back after the point of discomfort as it can be dangerous. Also, the people who are already suffering from heart issues and such other diseases should not take this test as it can harm their health further.

Buteyko method testThe time for which the breath is held by the people taking the test reveals a lot of details about their health. Doctor Buteyko and his team determined that people who are seriously ill and are hospitalized have a breath-holding time between 1 to 10 sec, people who are mildly sick have a breath-holding time between 10 to 20 sec and people with poor health have a breath-holding time ranging between 20 to 40 sec. People who have good health have a breath-holding time between 40 to 60 sec and people who have a breath-holding time of 60 sec and higher are considered to be in a super form or have ideal health. These results have always been true and help in understanding the overall health of a person.

Doctor Buteyko also explained that in order to stay in good health it is vital for people to breathe only through the nasal passage and not from the mouth. He also explained that sleeping on the back can cause damage to a person`s health therefore, this should also be avoided. Buteyko also determined that people can easily change their breath-holding time and increase it by changing their breathing pattern which can help in improving their health to a greater extent.