3 Top Unknown Lifestyle Factors For Better Skin Health

- Updated on October 3, 2020

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healthy skin and breathing We all want our skins to glow and stay healthy always. Have you ever wondered that there is a connection between the health of your skin and the breathing you do? Yes! Breathing for skin health is a thing that we all must know and practice in order to attain the best results in no time. Breathing and healthy skin are two things that have a very evident and deep connection which we mostly overlook.

There is a simple way to check the health of your skin! If a person has low oxygenation it means that there is low blood supply as well. this leads to low skin oxygenation which is also known as tissue hypoxia, which if accompanied by low or inadequate blood supply, leads to dermatitis, eczema, acne and even psoriasis. It means that the people who have low oxygenation have poor skin health or their skin is not healthy.

Skin health status can also be determined by taking the BHT test which is the breath-holding time test as it reveals the details about the time in which a person`s body can hold itself without taking in oxygen from the air. The steps to take this test are quite simple. A person has to breathe out or do exhalation and then pinch the nose and hold the breath till a point of discomfort. The time of breath-holding needs to be noted in a sec and then the key for this test can be used to judge the health status of the person. The longer the breath-holding time, the better the skin health of a person is. Similarly, if the breath-holding time is less, than the health of a person is considered poor. The normal values for the breath-holding test are around the range of 40 to 60 sec.

breathing for skin health Apart from this test, there are a few points related to the health of the skin which need to be remembered by everyone. The first point is that if a person breathes from the mouth, his or her health can be affected negatively as breathing from the mouth brings many diseases. It is best to breathe from the nasal passage at all times. Also, people who practice mouth breathing (especially during the night time) experience issues in their skin and other vital organs as well. if a person`s mouth is dry in the morning after a night of sleep, there is a need for the person the learn the mouth taping technique to overcome this issue. Unfortunately, mouth breathing has become very common in this era and needs to be overcome. The third important point which needs to be kept in mind is that a person should not sleep on his or her back at night as it can drop the breath-holding time to almost 2 times. By sleeping on the back a person reduces the oxygenation of the body which ultimately affects the health of the skin. Therefore, the person has unhealthy skin.

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