Exercise is Only Joyful When the Body Oxygenated at Rest

- Updated on September 28, 2019

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how to make exercise easy Exercise is quite fun. But it is only fun to do exercise when a person`s body is oxygenated at rest. Many people living in today`s world can easily testify that exercising is not easy. Some of the questions which come to many people`s minds are; why is exercise hard to do? how to make exercise easier, and how to make exercise joyful? Well, the answer to all these questions is quite easy. Around 200 MDs who were practicing the Buteyko self-oxygenation techniques or breathing methods for a long time determined that:

  1. For the people who are hospitalized or are severely ill cannot even try or do the lighter exercises. Their breath holding time is 10 sec or less. They have a lot of stress and can not put more pressure on their bodies, as it can trigger more chronic diseases such as a stroke or a heart attack. These people can also die during these physical exercises, therefore, they should avoid them at all times.
  2. The people who have mild diseases and have the breath-holding time between 10 to 20 sec are the ones who do light exercises but complain of fatigue afterward. These people also have a chance of suffering from a stroke or a heart attack if they continue to do any difficult exercises.
  3. The people who have the breath-holding time as above 20 sec are able to practice the moderately difficult exercises quite easily and can improve further by doing the nasal breathing and they mostly feel better after the exercise is complete. These people do not have the risk of any kind of attack due to the exercises as their inhaled nitric oxide is properly generated in the nasal passages and their overall CO2 presence is higher in the body cells.
  4. For people who have a breath-holding time of 60 sec and above, physical exercise becomes full of joy for them. These people have way much energy and crave physical activity.senior couple on bicycles

Therefore, it can be concluded that by increasing or improving the breath holding time, people can start enjoying exercises or start having fun while exercising. However, the people who have lower breath holding time should not try too hard to exercise much or get involved in many physical activities as it can cause them more health issues. In today`s world, it is hard to have a breath holding time of 60 sec or above, however, before the industrial revolution it is said that people used to have 50-70 sec of breath holding time of oxygen very commonly. This was due to the fact that those people used to do 6 to 9 hours of physical exercise on a daily basis. But in today`s world, the normal healthy people are able to breathe more air than the average which is around 9 to 12 l per minute at rest. While sick people are able to do 10-20 l per minute.