When Exercise Is 100% Safe For People With Chronic Diseases

- Updated on October 14, 2020

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exercise for sick peoplePeople often think about whether it is safe to exercise when sick? Or how much exercise a person who is severely sick needs? Can severely sick people exercise? Or how to exercise when sick? It is a known fact that doing physical exercise can prove to be very beneficial for our health. However, we also know that the people who have heart diseases can sometimes die or make their health go worse if they indulge themselves in any kind of physical exercise. Similarly, for the people who suffer from asthma, physical exercise can be a great issue.

Save exercise for the severely sick is also a topic that needs a lot of thinking. A large group of Russian doctors who were specialized in breath-retraining observed and tested more than a thousand patients and developed proper criteria for safe exercises. These patients had bronchitis, asthma, heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and other such chronic issues. As low body oxygenation is the normal trail in all these patients it made it easier for the doctors to deduce a theory for their safe exercise.


The cell oxygen level was measured of these people with the help of a special tool, but most of the observations were made using the simple test that is quite sensitive to the body oxygen level. The control pause test was used. These doctors came to the following results for the patients whom they were observing with chronic illnesses:

  1. The people who are severely sick had the breath-holding time from 0-10 sec
  2. The mildly sick people had their breath-holding time like 10-20 sec
  3. While the healthy adults had it from 40 to 60 sec.

These doctors also determined that physical exercise is one of the key factors which helps in improving the overall body oxygenation but there are some rules which need to be followed in case of people who are severely ill. The first rule was mentioned that the breath in and the breath out should only be done by the nose. As this helps in controlling the CO2 concentrations. This also helps the nitric oxide to dilate blood vessels which helps in the releasing of the oxygen inside the tissues. It was also determined that the people who had a breath-holding time of less than 10 sec were not allowed and were not able to do any exercises as it was not safe for them. The people who have 10 to 20 sec as their breath-holding time can safely walk (which is an exercise) and after a few weeks by improving their breath-holding time they can indulge in other exercises as well. Whereas, the people who had their breath-holding time more than 20 sec were safely able to do jogging, cycling, and other exercises safely. People with 40 sec and above breath holding time can get involved in any kind of physical exercise they want and it will remain safe for them. So, exercise is for sick people but not for the ones who are severely sick.


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On 2018-12-07T08:35:11, Dr. Artour (mod) wrote:
There are always individual risks and opportunities in the activities of the students. The exact details are individual according to the program tailored to the needs, lifestyle, and abilities of the student.

On 2018-12-06T21:34:07, Camilla wrote:
Thanks, the results from this kind of training come really fast – like the MCP goes up from day to day, had 40 this morning, and higher during the day. And yes you are right the highest numbers are around 16-17 in the afternoon. I also did the walking test and set new records every day -started really low and today 113 steps and I am sure there is more. My test for 5 weeks ago showed chronic fatigue and very tired adrenals with low cortisol and Hashimoto’s with TSH 12 and T4 10 – today my results showed TSH 5.8 and T4 17 and that’s without medication and only diet, vitamins, minerals, mindset, lifestyle changes, and breathing or the breathing thing is just 1 week :)). I am very very happy. My adrenals are not 100% yet but 85%. Are there any risks by doing this breathing training a lot like too much? Can it start some cleaning process if you go too fast that can be hard to handle? Thanks for the info on this site :). When I am back in full training hope new year) I am very interested in increasing V02max and endurance with breathing. Can it also be a shortcut to start doing those breath holds a lot more now like a substitute for the reduced endurance training I am forced to because of my health condition? Thanks

On 2018-12-05T09:27:03, Dr. Artour (mod) wrote:
Effects of exercise with nose breathing on breathing and the morning CP – https://www.normalbreathing.com/benefits-of-physical-activity.php

On 2018-12-04T15:50:14, Camilla wrote:
Thanks for your answer. I tried today and could easily go for a 5km jog of 4.36 min per km and also some 100m strides up to 19km/h felt really good and are so happy to be able to move my feet again :). No symptoms more than more energy 🙂 so maybe a bit longer tomorrow. I am somehow glad for this sickness experience since I am learning so much about my self and about THIS new subject. I think I will continue nose breathing all the time while training even when I am healthy again :). And to risen the MCP – training with nose breathing is great – correct?

On 2018-12-04T07:57:44, Dr. Artour (mod) wrote:
If you can exercise with only nose breathing, and after exercise, you do not experience more symptoms increased pain, etc.), then you can exercise.

On 2018-12-03T11:19:04, Camilla wrote:
Hi I am a 44-year-old elite athlete triathlon/running) diagnosed Hashimoto’s and fatigue to many long races in a short time, 2 small kids, work, and worst mental/emotional stress). I have reduced training and that was not enough, total rest except very still walks and yin yoga) for 15 days and now I am dying to start running again but don’t know if it’s ok? Can measure my MCP be a clue like if it’s over 20-30 is it ok to exercise if I can have my mouth closed? I don’t take any drugs to cure my Hashimoto’s/fatigue but have help from nutritions so I eat organic, don’t eat wheat, milk, soy, corn, coffee and have reduced sugar 90% eat fruits and so on) and I also eat a lot of vitamins like mega doses of A, B, D, omega 3, Q10. I have also reduced 2 viruses and working with my stomach to reduce dysbacteriosis. I started to tape my mouth for 5-6 days ago while sleeping and do nose breathing again did not for months while I was most stressed). Did not know about MCP so I tried that for the first time this morning and it was like 25 maybe a bit more I find this test a bit hard because it all depends on how gentle you pay attention to your urge to breathe :)) and during the day about 30. Thanks

On 2018-06-14T02:48:51, Darcy wrote:
You are a smart man, Artour. You gave me more confidence to keep trying to get my MCP up, as I had thought my adrenal reactions were the problem. I was feeling uncertain if breathing retraining could help me as there is not much mention of high cortisol and epinephrine levels. They are very powerful reactions causing me to be fearful of my health. I shall keep going. Thank you for your response I appreciate it.

On 2018-06-05T06:31:37, Dr. Artour (mod) wrote:
It seems that you are stuck at 10-15 MCP, while everything that you wrote may nothing to do with your progress in breathing retraining.

On 2018-06-05T02:20:30, Darcy wrote:
Hello Artour. I am a rare case I am sure. I am a very fit person but had an acupuncture treatment that overstimulated my adrenal glands I have suffered in past with adrenal malfunction but have been managing it at a high level) after this treatment, I have cortisol and epinephrine at high levels at night keeping me awake and causing me a lot of problems. The DYI device and nasal breathing etc has helped a lot. However, I still cannot exercise without triggering adrenal stress. My MCP fluctuates between 10-15. Depending on the adrenal stress I had through the night. Should I just not do any exercise except very light walking which I can manage without a reaction. But my body wants to workout much harder-as I am used to it and crave it. Should I push through and keep exercising the way I want to or stop for now till MCP goes up-if it will without the exercise.

On 2015-08-25T19:08:47, Ian wrote:
I understand now. Thank you

On 2015-08-25T17:57:01, Artour (mod) wrote:
If your CP is still low and you have asthma symptoms, increase your morning CP. Unless people have combined conditions, and/or root canals, mercury, etc., they can improve fast. With devices, it is fast. Then you’ll be easily using the Mask rather than having hard dilemmas to solve.

On 2015-08-25T12:33:09, Ian wrote:
Sorry, I do not understand your reply.

On 2015-08-22T17:16:01, Artour (mod) wrote:
It usually takes days to get morning CP higher.
Why people make their lives hard? Maybe that allows them to focus on very difficult questions and choices.

On 2015-08-21T18:45:40, Ian wrote:
So would it be more beneficial to walk or cycle slowly with the Training Mask or without? I also use the Frolov device for 15 mins each night but my CP is still low and I still have asthma symptoms.

On 2015-08-21T16:06:53, Artour (mod) wrote:
With the easiest setting (4 holes in valves) and slightly reduced intensity of exercise, you may be able to gradually build up the duration of exercise with the Mask.

On 2015-08-21T10:37:26, Ian wrote:
Dear Dr. Artour
I have less than 20MCP but I can walk and cycle slowly with nose breathing only. Would the Training Mask be suitable for me to use?
Thanks for any advice