Doctors Suggest a Simple DIY Test for Ideal Health (The Control Pause)

- Updated on September 28, 2019

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ideal human healthThe control pause test is a very simple test that can reveal a lot of details about the health of a person. Many doctors now recommend this test as it is quite accurate and quick. With the help of this test, a standard for the ideal health has been made and it takes into account all the major chronic diseases such as health issues, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, COPD and others. The test indicates that if a person is able to hold the breath for very little time his or her health condition is far from ideal as he or she is suffering many health issues. While on the other hand if a person is able to hold his or her breath for a longer interval of time his or her health is said to be good. The longer the breath could be held, the better the health is.

Various studies have been carried out in the past which indicates that the simple control pause test is the ideal health test as it indicates both the best health test results as well as the worst ones. The CP test is done in a very easy way. a person who is to be observed is asked to sit down and relax for five to seven minutes and after being completely relaxed, the person feels no pressure on his or her muscles this includes the breathing muscles as well. This enables the person to do natural spontaneous exhalation which is breathing out. While breathing out, the next step is to pinch the nose of the person such that it is closed after doing the exhalation. The person is then supposed to count the breath-holding time (BHT) which is measured in seconds. The nose is kept this way until there is any discomfort or distress. You are supposed to let go of the nose as soon as you get the warning from your body that it cannot hold any longer. After this, the person can continue his or her normal breathing and it is strongly advised not to exceed beyond the discomfort point. Also, the people who have heart issues or other diseases such as headaches and panic attacks may face some negative effects and therefore, are advised not to take this test.

The first inhalation after the test is as same as the ones before, if you have to struggle harder to inhale after the test it means that the test was not done correctly. After testing a hundred thousand patients doctor Buteyko determined the following numbers in accordance with the health levels:

  • 1-10 sec indicates the person is severally sick.
  • 10-20 sec indicates that the person is sick.
  • 20-40 sec indicates that the person is with poor health.
  • 40-60 sec indicates that the person has good health.
  • Anything above 60 sec indicates that the person has super or ideal health.

Therefore, by using the above numbers as the key the simple control pulse test can be conducted by almost anyone and the accurate state of health of the patient can be determined easily.

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