Over 200 Russian Doctors Learned How to Hold Their Breath for More Than 5 Minutes for Health Reasons

- Updated on September 28, 2019

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doctorThe question is why does the ability to hold one`s breath even matter? Well, the answer to this is quite simple, holding your breath for a specific time can bring you several benefits. Some of the benefits are that your body can stay fit and healthier. The vital organs can get the amount of oxygen which they require to function properly rather than getting a lesser amount of oxygen and blood which can cause several chronic diseases. The people who get low oxygen supply in their organs suffer from, asthma, chronic fatigue, heart disease, cancer, bronchitis, sexual issues, diabetes, and other such issues.

Buteyko, who was a Russian doctor created the Buteyko breathing training method. Under this training, people were taught how to breathe in such a way that various heart diseases and asthma could be cured. According to Buteyko the basic measuring tool for health is the stress-free version of breath holding time. The test of this holding time reveals several things about the health of the people. Many of Buteyko`s students did research and practical work on this front and determined that the critically ill individuals had shorter breath holding time while the healthy people had longer ones. It can be said that the BHT test is able to reveal quite a lot about a person`s health and needs to be considered important.

A special name was given to the test later on which was called the CP or the control pause. The main points of the CP test are that it is taken without any breathing manipulations, the test should be conducted after doing the normal exhalation and that the test should only continue till the first distress or discomfort appears.

The test can also be tried at home by anyone who wants to know more about their health. All you have to do is breathe like you normally do while you are sitting, right after a normal exhalation you need to pinch your nose and start measuring the time. The measuring of the time should stop at the time of the first distress or discomfort.

testMany of the Russian doctors tested people in accordance with this test and also practiced holding their own breath for longer intervals of time. These doctors also found that the people who were very ill ranged 1 to 10 sec on the CP, the slightly ill or sick people ranged from 10 to 20 sec, the asthmatics patients and the ones who had heart diseases had 20sec. the people who were healthy had 40 sec CP. Also according to the findings of doctor Buteyko, 60 sec CP is the result that indicates the best of health. Therefore, 60 sec CP was the major requirement for any doctor who wanted to teach the overall method of Buteyko breathing method to the Russian patients. As it is believed ahead healthy doctors can cure patients better and at the same time, the doctor can heal yourself as well if they are qualified enough.

It can be concluded that healthy people breathe little as compared to the sick people in accordance with the findings of doctor Buteyko.