How to Stop or Prevent Seizures in 2-3 Min (Breathing Exercise)

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- Updated on September 11, 2020

How to Stop or Prevent Seizures in 2-3 Min (Breathing Exercise) 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD

How to Stop or Prevent Seizures in 2-3 Min (Breathing Exercise)

Thrilled man: seizures stopped Leading Soviet Physiologist Doctor KP Buteyko, MD, Ph.D. and over 180 of his medical colleagues developed and applied this breathing exercise to stop and prevent seizures naturally on hundreds of epileptics in Russia and the USSR. This was possible because over 180 MDs, Dr. Buteyko’s pupils used the Buteyko medical breathing technique to treat various types of partial and simple seizures.

A seizure can develop within seconds and, therefore, speed is crucial for success. Fortunately, the affected person often knows and is able to predict an upcoming absence seizure or complex seizure due to some signs and symptoms (e.g., overheating, low or high blood sugar due to meals, strong emotions, flashing lights, stress, etc.). As a result, the person is able to apply this breathing exercise in order to control their respiration and thereby prevent the usual development of events so as to stop the seizure naturally.

This Youtube video features two Buteyko breathing teachers and trainer Dr. Artour Rakhimov and Volker Schmitz who explain how to stop seizures fast and naturally.

Physicians Many western doctors also reported that their patients could stop or reduce the severity or duration of seizures with either CO2 or better breathing control (for abstracts see the links below). Furthermore, breathing normalization provides a guarantee that one will prevent all types of seizures at all.

Warning sign Warning. This breathing exercise isn’t an alternative for one’s medication or any other medically supervised therapy. It should only be practiced as a supplementary approach to reduce or eliminate symptoms. Consult with your medical doctor for more detail.

Practical actions (how to prevent or stop a seizure fast and naturally)

Brain seizure signals Start this exercise as soon as you anticipate or feel that something problematic or symptomatic is going on with your body and/or mind. Be aware that fear and anxiety often trigger an ineffective respiratory pattern. At these times breathing usually becomes deeper, faster and more irregular. These are symptoms of overbreathing or hyperventilation.

Your goal is to do the opposite – to breathe less, not more. How? Relax in a comfortable armchair, if possible. Breathe regularly and only through the nose, but only while taking small or short inhalations using the diaphragm, instead of taking your large and quick inhales using the chest muscles. In order to exhale just relax the diaphragm and count for about 3 seconds for each exhale. You have to breathe regularly all the time during this exercise.

Due to this shallow or “reduced breathing” exercise, you should feel “air hunger” or desire to breathe more. This air hunger should appear in 10-20 seconds after you start the exercise. Maintaining this air hunger increases carbon dioxide in your blood and brain. Extra CO2 will calm down your overexcited nerve cells and increase their threshold of excitability, restoring it closer to normal numbers. CO2 will also improve blood supply for the brain. Improved blood supply to the brain will raise oxygen and glucose transport, which are also crucial for its normal work. This is the physiological mechanism and cause of success for this exercise.

Brain hyperventilation effects

Additional factors for success (stop and prevent seizures)

Respiratory system Epileptics are chest breathers. This significantly decreases oxygenation of the brain. How? The lower parts of the lungs do not get fresh air. Hence, any time you breathe using your chest, your drastically increase chances and severity of seizures. Consequently, the success rate for this exercise is much higher if you can employ your diaphragm or abdomen for your inhalations, instead of the chest – Learn Diaphragmatic Breathing.

Mouth breathing is another factor that worsens symptoms of seizures and can lead to more severe types of seizures. Therefore, you should take actions to ensure that you have nasal breathing 24/7 (including sleep, physical exercise, and speaking). This will help prevent seizures and stop them long before you get any signs of seizures. Use this Manual to get rid of your mouth breathing “How to maintain nasal breathing 24/7“.

How to prevent seizures during night sleep

Woman sleeping peacefully Some epileptics have seizures during the night without even being aware of them when waking up in the morning. There are, on the other hand, special techniques on how to stop seizures during sleep or at night too. The crucial factors include:
– nasal breathing only during sleep (learn and apply mouth taping technique, if your mouth is sometimes dry when you wake up in the morning),
prevention of sleeping on the back
normal heat exchange (do not use too warm blankets or clothes while sleeping)
– high body oxygen level when you go to sleep (hence, do not eat just before sleep; if you have to, sleep in a sitting position in an armchair)

While this exercise provides only a solution for some types of seizures (how to stop them quickly and naturally), the main goal of the Buteyko breathing method is to normalize one’s breathing pattern or to breathe in accordance with the medical norm so as to prevent all types of seizures and achieve clinical remission of epilepsy. This program is explained in the Treatment of Seizures Program (90% Success Rate). Once you have more than 30 seconds for the body-oxygen test 24/7, you will be free from all types of seizures.

There are 2 bonus links that lead to pages with the following content. One page provides more details about prevention of seizures during sleep or at night. Another page explains the new therapy that normalizes the electrical charge of the human body. This method alone, as some people claim, can reduce the severity of nearly all seizures by about 50 percent or more.

Article How to Prevent Seizures During Sleep.

Electrical grounding of the body to the Earth (called Earthing) is an independent factor in prevention of seizures. It has a profound effect on normalization of nerve function and can prevent many times of seizures (including sleep seizures). See Earthing webpage for more detail.


Medical research (over 20 references) related to brain CO2 and O2 levels, breathing, hyperventilation, and treatment of seizures with CO2 and breathing techniques is summarized on these pages:
* Seizure Threshold Controlled by Breathing Pattern and Blood Gases
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