Respiratory Parameters in Cancer Patients

- Updated on August 3, 2021


*One row corresponds to one medical study/publication
Condition Number of
Medical norm 12 Medical textbooks
Dr. Buteyko norm 8 Buteyko, 1991
Cancer with dyspnea 10 23 Bruera et al, 1993
Cancer with dyspnea 9 26 Mazzocato et al, 1999
Cancer with dyspnea 20 28 Coyne et al, 2002
Cancer with dyspnea 11 42 Clemens et al, 2007
Cancer with dyspnea 14 39 Clemens et al, 2008
Cancer with dyspnea 20 20 Travers et al, 2008
Cancer 20 19 Travers et al, 2008


Buteyko, 1991

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Bruera et al, 1993

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Edmonton General Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and National Cancer Institute, Milano, Italy.

Mazzocato et al, 1999

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Division of Palliative Care, University Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Coyne et al, 2002

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Palliative Care Services (P.J.C., T.J.S.), Department of Biostatistics (R.V.), and Division of Hematology/Oncology (T.J.S.), Massey Cancer Center, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, USA

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Travers et al, 2008

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Respiratory Investigation Unit, Division of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Medicine, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

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