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If you want to write us about your health issues or health-related topics, visit this page: //

For questions related to this website, at the moment, the webmaster of is Dr. Artour Rakhimov.

You can contact him by email. The email address is "buteyko_researcher", then "@", and then "". It is also possible to leave a comment below. If there is no reply, you can try to send me a message through the Facebook page (see the side link or search Facebook for "Artour Rakhimov") or via Skype.

You can also write a letter, but keep in mind that he travels a lot and it may take many months before he gets your letter.

Postal address:
Dr. Artour Rakhimov
1666 Concession Road 2
Adjala, Palgrave, Ontario
L0N 1P0 Canada

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New breathing students with terminal conditions (end-stage disease) are accepted on with Dr. Artour's Triple Guarantee.

You can leave your grammatically correct feedback and/or comments below. Thanks.

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