Prevent “Adult Diseases” in Infants by Better Oxygenation

- Updated on September 28, 2019

adult diseasesGood or better oxygenation can be the key to help save the young people and children from several of the diseases which the adults suffer from. It is compulsory for young people to breathe properly and make sure that there are no issues present in the way they breathe. In the past two decades, there have been several adult diseases that have been found in the infants. Some of these were cancer, health issues, infantile diabetes, asthma and also obesity.

To make sure that we can avoid these diseases in our children there are some common features or attributes which need to be understood. It needs to be understood that the high level of blood lactate is the main feature of many of the diseases mentioned above. Another feature that needs to be avoided is breathing heavily. It has become quite common that we hear that children have adult disease or diseases. The pediatric diseases as adults are now sadly very common in the infants.

Testing the body for oxygenation:

It is essential to measure the overall body oxygen content from time to time in order to make sure that the body of the children or infants is safe and healthy. For this, the stress-free breath holding time needs to be measured. It can easily be done by observing the pause which is present in the breathing time a person after they have exhaled, under a stress-free situation. Therefore, after the normal exhalation all you need to do is pinch your nose and start counting the breath-holding time. The nose needs to be pinched until a point of discomfort is attained. While doing the test for infants one must pinch the nose and observe them to determine the point of discomfort.

According to doctor Buteyko following are findings:

1-10 s of oxygen indicates that the person is badly ill and remains hospitalized.

10-20 s sick patients who are on medication.

20-40 s people who have poor health but there is no serious organic issue present.

40 -60 s indicates good health.

The 60s and above- indicates super health or ideal health which is not possible.

Changes in the lifestyle for infants, to improve their oxygenation:

pediatric diseases as adultsAccording to the findings of doctor Buteyko, the infants who are swaddled have a lighter breathing pattern and are able to get more oxygen to their tissues. Therefore, it is compulsory to swaddle the babies in order to make sure that their oxygenation remains good. Apart from this, the use of pacifiers is also encouraged by Russian Buteyko doctors. This is so as it helps in the nasal breathing for the infants. Nasal breathing is very important as it helps in keeping away chronic diseases at the early stages of life.

Hence, if the above things are done, there is a great chance that the newborn babies or the infants won’t suffer from adult or chronic diseases and will have a healthier life.