Breakthrough in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment

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Metastasized Breast Cancer Trial: 5-Fold Reduction in Mortality

Cancers and breast cancers were not studied in detail by the leading Soviet physiologist Dr. Konstantin Buteyko (the author of the Buteyko breathing method). However, he trained about 200 Soviet medical professionals and one of them Dr. Sergey Paschenko, MD from the Zaporozhsky State Institute of Further Medical Education (Zaporozhie, Ukraine) applied ideas about better body oxygenation in his breast cancer research and he achieved a stunning breakthrough in breast cancer research and treatment. You could not see similar results in other cancer books and articles.

In this video, Dr. Artour Rakhimov describes breathing in people with cancer and explains the results of the most effective known clinical trial of metastatic cancer done with the Buteyko method: Breathing in cancer.

It really should be emphasized from the start that, for this breast cancer treatment, breathing exercises and additional lifestyle changes were applied in addition to the standard medical breast cancer treatment. As a result, all patients utilized basic medical therapies. One hundred and twenty women who had breast cancer (classification T1-2N1M0) participated in this research. All patients got a standard anti-cancer treatment that featured the surgical removal of tumor out-growths and radiation treatment. However, in a supplement to this common treatment, the respiration retraining group of 67 women applied daily breathing exercises. Their parameters were actually contrasted against the control group (the remaining 53 patients) who did not practice breathing exercises.

The complete translation of this study ("STUDY OF APPLICATION OF THE SHALLOW BREATHING METHOD IN A COMBINED TREATMENT OF BREAST CANCER") is provided on another page. Since many people can find the terminology difficult, there is a detailed review of this study by Dr. Artour Rakhimov here: Breast cancer research and treatment. His review explains initial CP numbers (body oxygen levels) in people with cancer and criteria for elimination and prevention of cancers.

Note that many people search for the capitalized version of this clinical paper. However, some English speakers are looking for the title of this study with small letters. Here is the same title with only first letters capitalized: "Study of application of the shallow breathing method in a combined treatment of breast cancer"

This is the YouTube video trailer of the Amazon book "Doctors Who Cure Cancer". The video URL is " cure cancer with breathing ".

Important practical note. There are breathing exercises that produce even faster and better results than Buteyko shallow breathing exercises (to increase body O2 and CO2 levels to higher levels while spending the same amount of time), the smartest cancer therapies include the use of therapies that are provided (named) below here as your bonus content.

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But even with these special methods, you still need to apply Buteyko lifestyle program outlined in Section "Learn here" on this website. Success.

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