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Prevent Acute Asthma Attack Naturally (Breathing Exercise)

Avatar of Dr Artour Rakhimov, Buteyko Breathing Practitioner and Master TrainerBy Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author
- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD
- Last updated on August 9, 2018

Woman with asthma: acute exacerbationOver 250,000 asthmatics could not be wrong. Acute asthma exacerbation can be stopped with this simple breathing exercise developed by leading Soviet physiologist Dr KP Buteyko and over 200 Soviet and Russian doctors who have been teaching the Buteyko breathing self-oxygenation technique. The home remedy helps even in cases of sports induced asthma, in most cases, to stop asthma attacks without using inhalers or other meds (bronchodilators).

How to Stop Asthma Attack in 1-2 Min Without Meds - Home Remedy

CO2 bronchodilationWith the first symptoms of asthma (wheezing, chest tightness, dyspnea, labored breathing) sit down in any comfortable chair, couch, sofa or divan. If there are no objects to sit on, sit on the ground or floor, on your knees or with crossed legs. Relax all your body muscles.

Next, hold your breath for about 3-4 s. You will get air slight hunger or desire to breathe more. After this, instead of taking your usual big or deep inhalation, take a slightly smaller inhalation (only about 10-20% less than your usual inhalation). Then immediately relax all muscles, especially upper chest and all other breathing muscles. Take another (smaller or reduced) inhalation and again completely relax.

How to stop asthma attack (acute exacerbation) - chart

With each breath, take a small or reduced inhalation and then completely relax. Maintain air hunger. The goal is to preserve this comfortable level of air hunger for 2-3 minutes. The breathing can be frequent during this reduced breathing but this is OK.

If you do the exercise correctly, you will notice that your chest tightness, wheezing, dyspnea, and other symptoms will subside or disappear.

Here is the video that explains this home remedy: How to Stop an Asthma Attack.

About Your Medication

Doctors and patients with acute asthma and coughing If you cannot alleviate your acute asthma exacerbation in 5 minutes, use about 1/3 of your standard medication (e.g., inhaler). After taking meds, repeat this natural remedy monitoring the severity of your symptoms. If it is still not possible to stop the acute asthma exacerbation, again take 1/3 of your usual inhaler dose. Do the breathing exercise once more. Russian MDs and other health practitioners found that most patients could eliminate their symptoms in 2-3 minutes without using medication or naturally.

Asthma treatment

All known medical studies found that asthmatics chronically hyperventilate (over-breathe). Hence, they have low CO2 content in their lungs and airways. But CO2 or carbon dioxide, the gas we exhale, is a powerful bronchodilator. This is the reason why breathing less works and can be used to cure asthma completely.

Table. Minute ventilation (asthma)

Condition Minute
Number of
All references or
click below for abstracts
Normal breathing 6 L/min - Medical textbooks
Healthy Subjects 6-7 L/min >400 Results of 14 studies
Asthma 13 (+-2) L/min 16 Chalupa et al, 2004
Asthma 15 L/min 8 Johnson et al, 1995
Asthma 14 (+-6) L/min 39 Bowler et al, 1998
Asthma 13 (+-4) L/min 17 Kassabian et al, 1982
Asthma 12 L/min 101 McFadden & Lyons, 1968

Note that advanced stages of asthma can lead to lung destruction, ventilation-perfusion mismatch,
and arterial hypercapnia causing further reduction in body oxygen levels.

If you retrain or normalize your unconscious breathing pattern, your body oxygenation and health state will be dramatically improved. If your body oxygen level is more than 20 seconds, your asthma symptoms will disappear and no medication will be necessary. This clinical observation is based on the experience of thousands of Soviet and Russian asthmatics who learned the Buteyko breath technique. The Buteyko method was approved by the Russian Ministry of Health for treatment of asthma.

The Buteyko breathing method is an ultimate remedy to stop an asthma attack. Six published Western trials on asthma found that this breathing method reduces medication by about 90-95% (in 3-6 months).

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Medical references related to presence of hyperventilation during acute asthma

Medical studies actually claim that acute asthma means heavy breathing meaning visible hyperventilation in patients with this condition. Right below here, as your bonus content, you can read amazing conclusions of several teams of doctors about presence of overbreathing in people with asthma exacerbations.

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