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How to Donate/Promote, Buteyko and Artour Rakhimov

There is another page that is about how to promote the Buteyko method.

Donate to or Artour Rakhimov

Dear users: puts the public good and user privacy before profit. If is useful to you, take one minute to support the movement behind it. If everyone reading this donates $3, fundraiser would be over within an hour. Thank you. [$10] [$5] [$3]

You can donate for health education and development of, the Buteyko method, and breathing awareness here:

The approach

First of all, when speaking with other people or writing, do not start with emphasis on CO2, or problems due to hyperventilation, or reduced breathing, or shallow breathing, or the Buteyko method. This does not work even though many Buteyko practitioners still use this approach. As soon as you mention those topics, you usually provoke a negative reaction that will result in rejection of your following words.

You need to speak or write only about oxygen and repeat the word "oxygen" or "O2"several times before you go into further details (like breathing less, goodness of CO2, reduced breathing, Buteyko, etc.).

Online Promotion

Click Facebook-like button on the Homepage of this site and bookmark individual pages on Google Plus, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg and other social sites.

There are hundreds of forums on the web with many thousands of participants and sick people who are looking for answers to their health problems. Your message or post will likely remain in archives and hundreds of people will read it.

Artour's books in exchange for online promotion

For those who are interested in getting Artour's books for free or for 99 cents (from, Smashwords, NormalBreathing and other sites), you need to view this page.

Promotion in your region or area

Print and post a simple flyer (e.g., letter size or A4 format, black and white) in public places (libraries, communitySimple flyer: Chronic Diseases? centers, universities, churches, lamp posts, bus stops, etc. where appropriate). The sample is shown on the right.

This letter-size simple flyer with large words: "Chronic Diseases?".

Please post them in those places where they will stay for long time. (It is even better, if you can make self-adhesive stickers with the same simple content.)

Translation on other languages

If you or somebody else wishes to translate and its books and manuals to your own language (Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Hebrew, etc.), you will get 90% of gross revenues from all sales, and will need to pay 10% to Artour's Paypal account.

Other methods

You can contact me for other options or leave a message in a comment box below. For example, you can buy visitors to this site.

New breathing students with terminal conditions (end-stage disease) are accepted on with Dr. Artour's Triple Guarantee.

You can leave your grammatically correct feedback and/or comments below. Thanks.

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