Online Skype Buteyko Courses and Classes by Dr. Artour Rakhimov

Initial Assessment Online or in person 200 USD 25-30 min*
Individual Course (partial) Online or in person 600 USD 5 hours*
Individual Course (full) Online or in person 1,000 USD 7.5 hours*
Group Lessons (Level 2) In person 550 USD 14-15 hours*
Group Lessons (Advanced) In person 400 USD 10 hours*
Further Support Online or in person 150 USD 1 hour*
Practitioner Training (<60 s CP) Online and in person 2,500 USD 2 months; 50-60 hours
Practitioner Training  (>60 s CP) Online and in person 1,500 USD 1 month; 20-30 hours

* Note about hourly fees: If you are unhappy about these hourly fees, I suggest you to visit your regional health authorities and clinical specialists and ask/discuss with them their hourly fees, and their success rates while dealing with asthma, hypertension, epilepsy, and so on.

Artour Rakhimov, PhD, practitioner of Buteyko breathing classes and online Skype The site is generally designed for DIY learning. However, I realize that some people require additional support due to complex nature of their health problems. If you think that you can benefit from my personal input using Skype online courses or classes, choose the right option from the Table and send me your request to be accepted for online classes with all required details related to your health. (For required details, please see this page). We can find a suitable day and time for us to meet and discuss your concerns online or via a phone number. A computer with internet access (e.g., Skype) or a landline phone number will be required.

This means that, for many people with health problems, having 2 (sometimes 3-4) hours of breathing exercises and /or physical activity in total per day can be a necessary factor for health improvement.

Important note about commitment, diligence, and timely business-oriented communication

When providing private help to breathing students, I get their personal info and daily logs. Then I analyze these personal details in order to have a clear image of what is going on with this specific person. (These are usually hard cases with many important details.)

When such "hard" student disappears for some weeks or months, I am no longer able to keep all these details in my head since I get dozens of new students.

Therefore, it is a very bad idea to pay for services, send me personal info, then disappear for weeks or months, appear again, ask some questions, send a daily log weeks later, etc. In addition, personal details and details of breathing exercises become no longer valid due to lifestyle changes and changes in breathing exercises. But I usually do not get these updates. Somehow such students often assume that I am still aware about these details.

Such students probably expect me to recover their files, read them again, create their personal images or profiles in my mind again. They think that they can take breaks in breathing retraining (because their mood changes), send me their questions at a later time, whenever they want, with any delays or breaks.

It does not work this way. If you decided to get committed to doing the JOB, start doing the JOB right away or after your payment. Please, do not expect me to have free time to read your personal details again some weeks or months later.

"Good advice not followed is bad advice".

Therefore, please reply to all my emails within 2 business days, provide all answers and details that I requested, do your breathing and other work timely, and send me back all required information in due time.

If you do not reply to my emails within 2 business days or miss deadlines for sending your results or completing exchange projects, you will no longer get access to my services.

Online Initial Assessment and Customized Planning

This is the most popular type of support among my online students. It is especially popular among students who tried to learn themselves (DIY), but could not succeed due to too complex health problems and other concerns.

For initial assessment, make a payment below and send me an email with your request to help you. I will forward you the Student's Questionnaire (or Personal Information Form) and the form for recording your breathing sessions. After filling this Questionnaire and sending it to me, you can also provide me with your daily log (details of your breathing exercises, morning CPs, lifestyle changes, total daily exercise, and so forth). After analyzing all these details, I will provide you with a customized program of actions (usually from 5 up to 12 lifestyle changes and ideas directly related to breathing normalization).

For this option, you pay for one Skype session which is only 25-30 minutes long, but it would usually take me 2 hours or more to learn all details about your health, provide you with some ideas via email, and teach all these details on Skype so that you can start moving in the right direction. Later, I always ask students to send me their results, in about 7-10 days, about changes made and effects achieved so that I can provide some extra support via email.

This option is particlarly effective and sufficient for real large health breakthroughs, when the student studied and applied numerous lifestyle changes and practiced breathing exercises, preferably with the Frolov or Amazing DIY breathing device. If you did not learn the theory (CO2 effects, positive and negative lifestyle factors, etc.) behind the method, then I would need to spend more time on explaining these basics. This makes my work less effective.

Hence, it would be great if you learn not only basics but also apply Learning Modules to start initial changes in your breathing (learn how to measure the CP, how to tape mouth, about sleep positions, etc.) and started practice with a breathing device. Thus, this option works more effectively if you learn info provided on Modules of this website and in my books.

Duration of the course

As Dr. Buteyko and his medical colleagues discovered, it is most effective to have classes once a week for about 5 weeks (for 5 classes). Most of my courses follow this suggestion. I am not in favor of crash courses when the Buteyko method is taught during one weekend only. Such courses have poorer long-term results. However, I can have courses that include only 3 workshops (about 5-6 hours each), which are taught every 2-3 weeks.

Individual Skype or Online Course

The partial (5 hours) or complete (7 hours in total, or 5 lessons, 1.5 hours each) can be taught via Skype or landline phone line.

If you decide to have a breathing retraining course, get educated about breathing retraining and the Buteyko method. The total number of hours you require can be significantly less, if you learn more information online from my website or my YouTube and Google video clips or from electronic book "Oxygenate yourself: breathe less". Topics to learn are: breathing patterns and body oxygen level, CO2 effects, the CP test, Buteyko breathing method, requirements for courses, effects of lifestyle factors, etc.

Live Group Lessons (Level 2)

You can contact me for group lessons (5 group lessons, up to 2.5-3 hours each, with 1-2 individual 101 sessions). It is possible that I am or will be in your area, or you want to invite me to visit your area. Generally, it takes 5 students to make a group. More information about details of live group courses can be found on my Teaching web page Courses, requirements, and fees.

Note. If you are very interested in learning the method, but cannot afford it (e.g., you are homeless, or unemployed, or low-income, or insufficient-income, or from non-western country, or student, etc.), send me an email and explain your situation, including the following details: your name, address, occupation, company you work for, wages, reasons of your interest in the Buteyko method, current health state, and usual morning and daily CPs. I will try to help you.

Advanced Course

Students with 30+ s for the morning CP, less than 6.5 hours of natural sleep, and other effects of improved health can participate in the Advanced Course. The goal of the course is to achieve over 50 s for the morning CP.

Further support

Further support is provided for those students who already took my course.

Practitioner training (30 s<CP<60 s)

Practitioner training is provided for qualified Buteyko students with over 30 s CP 24/7. This course is for those trainees who have less than 60 s CP.

Practitioner training (CP>60 s)

This course is for those people who have more than 60 s CP 24/7 (the morning CP included).

You can see video testimonials of breathing teachers that I trained on this page: Training of Buteyko practitioners. The same page provides more details about this course for breathing teachers. You can also find my overview of Buteyko teacher training around the world: Buteyko Breathing Practitioner Review.

You can pay less or nothing (even for practitioner training): exchange for your work

I have books and web pages that require proofreading and videos that I want to create. If you are a native English speaker, have time for this work, or can contribute with video creation and editing, we can organize an exchange or barter: you do your work to help me, or help with social promotion, or help with other projects that I have, and I will help you with your CP growth. You can find some details of possible types of exchanges here: Exchange Options.

You may also explore this option: breathing practitioner training in exchange for your work (you can even earn money).

Invite me to visit your area and have a workshop/course

I am also available for live public lectures, workshops, seminars, and cooperation in education and other areas. When there are 5 or more people who wish to take a course and who are located in the same area, I can possibly travel and organize a course (depending on the distance and fees paid for the course).

How to apply for online Skype breathing classes

If you apply for online classes, please send me your personal details:
- Full name, year of birth or age
- City/region and country
- Height and body weight
- Current health problems and their duration
- Main symptoms and complaints now (write on extra space if needed)
- Medication and drugs you use now (with their dose and duration)
- Past health problems and their duration
- Your abilities to practice breathing exercises and do physical exercise every day (you need to have at least 1 hour of breathwork and 1 hour of physical exercise per day to start moving forward).

For more information about cooperation, courses, private Skype lessons, and other options to normalize your breathing and/or learn the Buteyko method, contact me by email: "buteyko_researcher", then "@", and then "". Make sure that you write "breathing lessons", or "breathing projects", or some other clear and suitable title for the subject line (RE:) of your emails to prevent its removal. If there is no reply, send me a message through the Facebook (search for "Artour Rakhimov") or via Skype/LinkedIn.

You can find more topics in the Map of this site or search this website here.

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Right below here you can make a payment for online help. It includes payments for Skype lessons, group live classes, and personal lessons to students and new practitioners. You can use your Paypal account or Brinks 2Checkout that accept all major credit cards without Paypal involvement. To use Brinks, simply check this option on later pages: Checkout using 2Checkout with all Major Credit Cards.

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