Stop Epilepsy Seizures During Sleep: Breathing Remedy

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Brain with seizuresThe more you breathe (deeper and/or faster), the less oxygen and blood are delivered to your brain. (This fact has been confirmed by dozens of medical studies - see the links below.) Clinical experience of nearly 200 Russian medical doctors with hundreds of epileptics (including children) suggests that one can have seizures during sleep, if and only if he or she has an irregular, ineffective or/and heavy automatic respiratory pattern (i.e., if one has hyperventilation), mouth breathing and/or chest breathing.

Effects of overbreathing on brain O2 and sleep seizures Furthermore, numerous medical studies have confirmed the link between low CO2 levels in the arterial blood (due to hyperventilation) and chances of seizures while sleeping (see the links on dozens of studies below). Hence, when you overbreathe, you have less oxygen and CO2 in the brain.

Smiling physicians Breathing in most people becomes more irregular and abnormal during night sleep and especially early morning hours. Hence, it is a known medical fact that early morning hours have the highest rates of seizures during sleep. Russian MDs also found that people with normal breathing never develop any sleep seizures. Hence, the goal is to normalize one's automatic or unconscious breathing or to breathe normally 24/7.

An additional, recently discovered factor for sleep seizures and low body oxygenation is electrical charge of the human body. When the body is connected with Earth (due to barefoot walking, sleeping on ground or skins of animals, and so on), the body has a slight negative charge (an excess of electrons). Modern people have a very high positive charge (due to static electricity) that often achieves hundreds or many thousands of Volts (as during electrical discharge from the body to surrounding metal objects). Therefore, grounding alone often stops all sleep seizures in children and adults.

Here is a program developed by Russian physicians (slightly modified with the addition of electrical grounding) and tested on hundreds of people with epilepsy and seizures while sleeping. It involves correction of lifestyle risk factors in order to increase body oxygenation by making our breathing lighter (slower) and more regular during sleep.

In this video, Dr. Artour Rakhimov explains how to sleep sitting - this is a great lifestyle change to prevent nocturnal seizures and achieve great sleep without signs of epilepsy.

Lifestyle changes to prevent seizures during sleep

Woman sleeping 1. You need to ground yourself for sleep so as to be electrically connected with the negative charge of Earth (see Earthing for more detail)
2. If you find that your mouth is often dry in the morning, use this Manual "How to maintain nasal breathing 24/7"
3. If you sleep on your back at least 2-3 nights per week, use How to Prevent Sleeping on Back. (If you are uncertain about effects of sleeping positions, study tens of medical studies from Best Sleep Positions Medical Research Summary.) Ideally, try to alternate between sleeping on your chest (the prone sleeping position) and the left side. (Sleeping sitting is an even better option to avoid sleep seizures.)
4. Make sure that you have good air quality (positive and negative ions or windows open, no carpets on the floor, etc.).
5. Do not overheat yourself by using too warm blankets.
6. Have your supper earlier (4-5 pm) and eat only a small snack later, if you get hungry at 8-10 pm.
7. Do more physical exercise during the day with strictly nose breathing.
8. Increase your evening body oxygen level or CP (when you go to sleep) as much as possible.
9. Use the belt technique for diaphragmatic breathing during your night sleep to prevent chest breathing and hyperventilation causing seizures during sleep
10. Most importantly, you need to increase body oxygenation (the morning result for the DIY body oxygen test) in the morning up to X+ seconds. The number X is provided in the next paragraph as your bonus content.

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For more details and other lifestyle factors and parameters, consult Good Sleep Hygiene and Learn Buteyko Breathing Exercises Section. If you retrain your breathing and have more than 35 s for the body-oxygen test, you will be free from all types of sleep seizures.


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