Oxygen Remedy Webinars Content (Lessons 1-5 Only)

Landscape with lake and mountain * Lesson 1:
- Body-oxygen test and health
- Breathing patterns and body oxygenation
- Buteyko sleeping rules
- How to tape the mouth
- How to prevent sleeping on one's back
- Two eating rules
- Checking diaphragmatic breathing
- How to measure the pulse

* Lesson 2:
- Morning CP (Control Pause): the key factor of health
- How to test and develop diaphragmatic breathing (exercises and techniques)
- Requirements for breathing exercises
- Your daily log and how to fill it
- Breathwork with the Frolov breathing device
- Common Q and A about the exercises with the Frolov breathing device
- Blood pressure dynamic for people with hypertension and criteria for success
- Frolov breathing exercises for overweight people
- Main parameters of correct physical exercise

Landscape with rainbow above city and forest * Lesson 3:
- Breathing exercises with the Frolov device
- Sleep and morning CP drop: Why does the MCP drop and solutions
- How to fall asleep fast breathing exercise
- Buteyko Emergency Procedure
- Nutritional supplements and 3 day test
- Focal infections (part 1), tests and solutions
- Cleansing reactions

* Lesson 4:
- Advanced breathing exercises with the Frolov device
- Sleep factors (duration, inflammation, cortisol, thermoregulation, sleep positions, ...)
- Cortisol and CP progress
- Hard beds and swaddling of adults
- Taking cold shower: safety rules and effects

Landscape with lake and mountains * Lesson 5:
- New breathing exercises with the Frolov device
- Swaddling of adults for higher morning CP
- Focal Infections (Part 2) with root canals and mercury amalgams
- Physical exercise and maximum morning CP
- Nutritional supplements
- Tongue scraping and sea salt use

This Oxygen Remedy webinars content is only for the first month. Next 5 lessons have new and more advanced topics to learn. There are 17 lessons altogether and they go beyond the topics that are covered in most courses for Buteyko breathing practitioners.

If you are interested to join or want to know more, email Richard Geller (who is the organizer and boss of this unique online course), while Dr. Artour Rakhimov is hired to teach the course. You can access Oxygen Remedy webinars through this link:

oxygen remedy online webinars

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