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Buteyko Practitioner Training in Exchange for Work (You Can Even Earn)

By Dr. Artour Rakhimov

- Industry: Alternative Health
- Category: Health therapies based on breathing normalization (including breathing exercises, physical activity, and lifestyle changes) with about 90% success rates (no medication and remission of symptoms in 1-2 weeks or 2-6 months) for practicing people with asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, heart disease, obesity, epilepsy, initial stages of cancer, and many other conditions with longer treatment for diabetes, CFS, and emphysema.
- Will Cover Interviewing Expenses: Possibly (to be discussed)
- Will Cover Relocation Expenses: Possibly (to be discussed).

Become a breathing teacher trained by Artour Rakhimov:
Artour Rakhimov, PhD, Buteyko breathing practitioner certification trainer You can become a breathing teacher without paying 1,500-3,000 USD for your training if you work in the NormalBreathing Team for a certain amount of time. I can even pay you for some of your work (e.g., 2 hours per day for 10-15 euro/hour or 11-16 USD/hour depending on your skills), while you will work for 3-4 hours per day in order to earn your teacher certification, experience and skills. Even if you travel to other countries or accross Atlantic, work permits are not necessary due to online nature of nearly all NormalBreathing projects. Click here for details of payments.

The whole course takes 2-3 months and its details should be personally discussed (more below). Some part of this course can be taught online and via Skype, but at least 2-3 weeks of personal (live) interactions are required.

Your extra (not paid) work can be counted at 10-15 Euro per hour in order to earn my regular Level 2 course (15 hours) and my practitioner training. Thus, it is possible to calculate how many hours you need to work to learn these courses from me. Prices for courses are here: Courses and fees. The salary is results-based (you are expected to do things with the speed that is common for people working on and write a 700-word article in 30 min, produce a new 700-word HTML or WordPress page with onpage SEO and images/videos added in 60 min, edit a 10-min video with images and titles added in 40-60 min, proofread a 700 word article in 30 min, and so forth).

1. Secondary (or high school, college, or equivalent) education
2. Strong or good English with good writing and editing skills (some people with excellent Spanish or German can be accepted to work on other websites that are translations of or for video creation/editing)
3. Daily involvement in up to 1-2 hours of physical exercise (we teach how to enjoy and crave for exercise naturally!), breathwork and other lifetsyle changes in order to achieve your breathing normalization to become a successful teacher.

Your current involvement in physical activity will be the main factor in order to be selected. A good candidate will have at least 1 hour of daily exercise per day, while an ideal candidate needs to have at least 2 hours of daily exercise before training, as your normal current lifestyle. Please keep in mind that my location/teaching places also need to fit into your schedule.

How to apply
To test your abilities to be accurate and pay attention to details, we ask you to send us the following:
- Description of your current levels of physical activity and indication that you have an intention/desire to learn the method by making lifestyle changes, practicing breathing exercises (1-2 hours daily), and doing up to 60 min of physical exercise every day during initial stages of training and up to 2 hours of aerobic (moderate or high intensity, but with 100% nose breathing) later to gain ideal health manifested in 60+ s for the morning CP. Your motivation to exercise and current levels of exercise are the most important factor for candidates to be selected
- Your complete willingness and motivation to practice other elements of the advanced NormalBreathing Buteyko course including 1 hour of breathing exercises and lifestyle changes (related to sleep, diet, etc. - see Learning Modules for details)
- Your time availability, current location and ability to relocate to join one of the trainings. You can relocate for 2-3 weeks (possibly 2 times), only for the teacher training part. Or you can attend the whole training if you want to earn and work in exchange for training
- Your current occupation/work (describe what you have been doing during last years in 1-2 sentences). If you have been sick and did not work for years, this is not a problem at all. You can simply send us your CV.
- Your GCSE/GPA or equivalent details with grades for your high school, secondary education and college/university
- Results for your English tests (if you had any and if you are not a native speaker)
- Your skills (areas in which you can help us: writing, editing, making videos, translations from English to Spanish or German, typing, and so on - see Startup Jobs page for types of work that members of the NormalBreathing team do.) This will help me to think where your skills can be used during training and to suggest the payment rate for your work.

Natural lifestyle choices before and after breathing retraining

Lifestyle factor: Body oxygen < 30 s Body oxygen > 50 s
Energy level Medium, low, or very low High
Desire to exercise Not strong, but possible Craving and joy of exercise
Intensive exercise with nose breathing Hard or impossible Easy and effortless
Typical mind states Confusion, anxiety, depression Focus, concentration, clarity
Craving for sugar and junk foods Present Absent
Addictions to smoking, alcohol, and drugs Possible Absent
Desire to eat raw foods Weak and rare Very common and natural
Correct posture Rare and requires efforts Natural and automatic
Sleep Often of poor quality; > 7 hours Excellent quality; < 5 hours naturally

For your applications, use this email address: "booksforall" followed by "(at)". Note that the goal of your breathing retraining is to achieve up to 60-90 seconds for the morning body oxygen test.

Communication with Artour
If you are invited for training or got questions from me, please reply within 1 (preferably) or 2 business days. If you reply 4 or more days later, it is hard to keep in mind all details related to your situation. Your delays also make it hard to create a common synchronized and coordinated plan with exact dates suitable for all candidates and organize all details. Therefore, if you do not reply within 2 business days, this will be considered as your withdrawal from training. (If your internet access does not work well properly or consistently, or you have trips, retreats, vacations, etc., with interrupted internet communication, please let me know about that in advance.)

Other details of the project
Many details/conditions for this offer (how to become a breathing teacher without paying) are similar to details/conditions related to startup jobs which explains which type of work is done during training: NormalBreathing assistants and team members.

Relocation expenses (travelling for training and back) can be covered for ideal candidates when they travel for their Buteyko breathing teacher training within Europe (where some courses will be organized) or within North America (for trainees from the USA and Canada). The exact salary for 2-3 hours of work will also depend on your skills. For example, someone with great English language skills can get relocation expenses covered and work for 15 euro or USD per hour doing editing and creation of new web pages (with my help). Trainees with poor English may need to invest into their travelling to the place of training and back, while earning 10 euro or USD per hour since I would need to hire English natives later to check your grammar and make corrections. If there are video projects and if a trainee works on editing/creation of educational videos (English skills are not crucial), then this trainee can have a better pay (e.g., 12 USD or euro per hour) and 50% or more of relocation/travelling covered. All these details should be personally discussed when details of the next training become more clear (location, exact dates, number of candidates, etc.) I cannot guarantee that there is enough work for all candidates, but trainees will strong interests in becoming breathing teachers and regular daily exercise (as their natural lifestyle) have good chances to become trained.

Payments are usually done weekly via Paypal transfer, as for online workers.

Note that at least 2 or 3 candidates are required to start any training. If there are trainee candidates from the same specific location (Toronto, or Berlin, or Amsterdam, or Los Angeles, or New York, etc.), training can be organized in some of those locations.

Q: How can I have only short trips for trainings (2-3 weeks) and get trained?
A: This will be done on individual basis. Some strong trainees (with the current morning CP 30+ or even 50+) can use this option. A part of their training can be done online and via Skype. However, keep in mind that I also need to provide work for such candidates and teach/discuss with them what they can do in exchange. For me, the important goals are to organize this exchange (work for training) and to have teachers with 60+ s morning CP.

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New breathing students with terminal conditions (end-stage disease) are accepted on with Dr. Artour's Triple Guarantee.

You can leave your grammatically correct feedback and/or comments below with no more than one question please. Thanks.

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