Brainwashing and Mind Control Techniques: Modern, KGB, CIA

A person manipulated by an arm: mind control methods Brainwashing techniques and what most people call "brainwashing techniques" varies from a person to person. In this review, I am going to focus on those methods that allow total mind control or complete brainwashing for the purpose of using the brainwashed for suicide-murders, massacres, air disasters, arson, and other criminal and terrorist activities.

Historically, methods to brainwash were sought for and sometimes created by numerous groups, organizations and cults. Testing these brainwashing techniques required a lot of work and time that was beyond resources of most groups.

However, during the 20th century, two main methods to brainwash were developed: the MK-ULTRA trauma-based brainwashing technique developed by CIA and the seduction-based brainwashing technique invented by KGB agents. Before we begin our discussion and comparison (CIA vs. KGB techniques), here are some important definitions:

Mind control involves clandestine techniques that can deceive and make a person do things that he or she would not normally do. For example, the brainwashed can murder other people, even family members, and then immediately commit suicide.

GULAG (abbreviation in Russian, Glavnoe Upravlenie Ispravitel-no-trudovykh Lagerei or Chief Directorate of Prison Camps in the former USSR) - a system of labor camps run by Soviet KGB agents in the 1930'-60's, the largest world's laboratory for mind control experiments with over 10,000,000 "guinea pigs" sacrificed.

KGB (abbreviation in Russian, Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti or Committee for State Security in the former USSR) - a secret service or state security intelligence agency of the Soviet Union. (Now it is called FSB or Federalnaya Sluzshba Bezopasnosti, but they are generally the same people in local areas.)

As you read the following, be aware that the author, Dr. Artour Rakhimov, in 1994, witnessed numerous crimes, deaths and cases of brainwashing with total mind control in a cult organized by KGB-related people. This cult included his family member and many people whom he knew for years. Also, in 1994, he reported crimes and murders committed by KGB-related people to Russian and Western authorities, moved to Canada, and later became the target of these KGB agents (only a minor part of KGB).

Total Mind Control Methods: CIA vs. KGB

Study of methods to brainwashs by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) was prompted by assassination of President J.F. Kennedy. This was primarily for defensive purposes since Kennedy's killer could be brainwashed in the USSR using the KGB method (see an article about Lee Harvey Oswald). However, CIA studies and their MK Ultra technique had their origins in the brainwashing techniques based on trauma. Such methods are described in the Egyptian Book the Dead (around 1550 BC), and were used by Illuminati (founded in 1776), secret societies, religious cults, and German Nazis.

German Nazis were the first group that applied various methods to brainwash on mass scale (thousands of people). Dr. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz was the principle developer of the Nazi trauma-based brainwashing techniques. It is likely that Nazi methods later became the foundation of the CIA's MK Ultra brainwashing techniques and Monarch mind control method.

Brain in cage due to mind control methods All these techniques are based on sadism, require many months or even years of conditioning and can easily lead to failures. When such methods to brainwash are successful, the slave can, for example, be ordered to kill others and then commit suicide. However, the torture and sadism experienced in the brainwashing process produce a neurotic slave whose mentality is driven by Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). Such slave or zombie does not have good physical fitness (i.e., is not really ready for murders and other more challenging jobs).

Once the handler starts to torture the victim, the brain of the future slave gets conditioned to extreme pain associated with the handler or controller. Therefore, development of multiple personalities (i.e., neuroticism) is the next step used by the masters to make the victim totally obedient. This step leads to creation of other personalities within the mind of the slave. These other personalities are ready to like and obey the master,

It is easy to understand why Nazi decided to choose this approach. Even before Nazi doctors and handlers tried to manipulate their victims in concentrations camps, these victims were already conditioned and had a negative attitude or even hatred towards their torturers (who probably already murdered some of relatives or friends of their slaves).

The situation with GULAG KGB agents and their victims was different. KGB agents dealt with the citizens of the Soviet State and the formal goal of the KGB agents was to use those methods that could make millions of "traitors" subservient to the Soviet State. The KGB agents, therefore, were formally presented as representatives of the Soviet national security, and the victims were social deviants.

However, the Soviet state and KGB persecutions of millions of ordinary people were based on paranoia of Stalin and people around him. Nearly 99% of GULAG victims were normal and innocent people. That means that, in most practical cases, these KGB agents tried to achieve total personal control over their victims in order to feel secure in relation to future behavior of the victims.

Seductive woman in car inviting for technique to brainwash The KGB had dozens of people similar to Dr. Joseph Mengele. Mant of these KGB agents worked in GULAG labor camps and had about 10 times more time (not just 3-4 years that Mengele had) for their brainwashing experiments with 1,000s of human "guinea pigs".

As a result of these historical and situational factors, KGB agents, managed to create very fast seduction-based brainwashing methods. Their methods lead to total mind control that required only several hours of one-on-one contact (with the use of chemicals and hypnosis). Their methods produced slaves, who, if they survive, possessed astonishing physical fitness and mental focus on the goals provided by the programmer (or the master) due to profound changes in basal breathing patterns.

These changes in breathing make KGB zombies very effective due to very short sleep and extreme physical and mental endurance and fitness. Most of zombies can function for 20+ hours every day even without sleep. Exact details (body O2 results and sleep duration) provided below as your bonus content.

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For other physiological changes, how to detect the brainwashed (with total KGB mind control), and how to avoid brainwashing, see the link below. It is not a surprise that KGB agents tried to kill the leading Soviet physiologist Dr. K.P. Buteyko several times (until they succeeded in 2003) since Dr. Buteyko was the person who explained all those profound physiological changes that take place in the brainwashed zombies.

There are numerous examples (see below) how past and modern GULAG KGB agents (they should not be confused with Putin and central KGB in Moscow) use brainwashing techniques to organize suicide-murders, massacres, air disasters, explosion, arsons, and other criminal acts. Here are some of them.

Mind control methods and 4 Suicide-Murders in Fairfax, VI, USA

Would you believe that the real users of total brainwashing techniques are happy when someone educates the general public about the origins and history of GULAG KGB secret agents? In 2006, George Mason University, located in a small city Fairfax, Virginia, USA, part of the Washington Metropolitan Area, organized a public exhibition about GULAG labor camps. This was a totally unique event for the Western world (and for Russia too, where generally people do not want to talk much about GULAG and KGB crimes).

In December 2005, preparation for this exhibition was under way. The researchers were collecting evidence from Russia about GULAG labor camps (i.e., KGB's past). From December 2005 until November 2006, four suicide-murders took place in Fairfax. That was an explosion of such rare versions of crimes for the small area, as newspapers reported. More detail about these suicide-murders can be found on a separate page (see links below).

Now you can realize why so little (or next to nothing) is said or written about history of KGB, KGB agents, KGB GULAG labors camps, persecutions during Soviet times, and crimes committed with the use of the KGB total brainwashing. Over 100 medical doctors were persecuted in Siberia by the same KGB GULAG secret agents for practicing the Buteyko breathing technique. KGB agents apparently felt threatened by the Buteyko method since it can potentially produce the same physiological effects due to the maximum possible oxygenation of the human body, while at the same time leaving the individual's personal freedom intact.

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