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Video-DVD Lecture: Breathing Patterns and Body Oxygenation

Watch its parts on and Dr. Artour Rakhimov speaks about the Buteyko breathing method and other discoveries of the Soviet spaceship doctor; duration: 3 hours 20 minutes; 40 Euro

You can get educated using my video lecture-lessons on Search my video clips using "Artour Buteyko" keywords or go to my channel: The descriptions and titles of my video clips can be found here. It is important for your better understanding that you watch video clips in the correct order: 01, 02, 03, etc.

Or you can buy the complete set of video clips here.

Note. This is a new product, and, at the moment, there are certain constraints:
1) the DVD disk has Windows Media files to play them using a computer (you cannot play this DVD on your TV using a DVD player);
2) there are no labels and front covers for the DVD.

21 parts as Windows Media Movie files for playing using a PC. Total duration: 3 hours 30 min. Resolution: 640x480 (large format video quality)

Part 1. Introduction: 8.5 min (34 MB)
Part 2. Breathing patterns: 9.2 min 08 sec (57 MB)
Part 3. Physiology: 23.6 min (108 MB)
Part 4. Evolution: 11 min (89 MB)
Part 5. Morning Hyperventilation: 11.3 min (53 MB)
Part 6. Quality of Life: 16.5 min (85 MB)
Part 7. Super-health: 3.8 min (22 MB)
Part 8. How We Die: 5.5 min (25 MB)
Part 9. Genetics: 5.3 min (30 MB)
Part 10. Causes of Hyperventilation: 33.5 min (191 MB)
Part 11. History: 20.5 min (158 MB)
Part 12. Why Buteyko established different norms: 9 min (53 MB)
Part 13. How to Learn the Method: 8 min (62 MB)
Part 14. Conclusions: 6.8 min (38 MB)
Part 15. My Services 2.5 min (15 MB)
Diseases. 1. Asthma: 9 min (53 MB)
Diseases. 2. Heart Disease: 7.8 min (48 MB)
Diseases. 3. Cancer: 12. 7 min (67 MB)
Diseases. 4. Brain and the CNS: 8.9 min (54 MB)
Diseases. 5. Chronic Fatigue: 7.4 min (47 MB)
Hatha Yoga: 9 min (51 MB)

You can also purchase your access to all these files for your download and private use. Note it may take long time, depending on your internet connection parameters, to download these files on your PC.

New breathing students with terminal conditions (end-stage disease) are accepted on with Dr. Artour's Triple Guarantee.

You can leave your grammatically correct feedback and/or comments below. Dr. Artour will not provide answers during his summer break (July-August 2017). Thanks.

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